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Scuba or Snorkel tour

93 USD

(per traveler)

* 1 persons are required for this tour.

Total: $93 USD

*All taxes included in the price.



Prepare to be awed!

We have many interesting places to Dive in Acapulco such as sunken ships, walls, sea mountains, Roqueta Island (shallow & calm dives), caves (rock formations) and more.


You can find sandy and rock bottom with small coral formations, sea fans, barnacles, gorgonians, sea stars, trumpet fishes, jacks, mackerel, sea horses, some times turtles, whale sharks and manta rays depending on season.


Acapulco, México

Departures from: Mexico City


Days of departure: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday , Saturday, Sunday,
Starting time 08:30
Ending time 12:30
Duration 4 hours


Daily departure

8:30 am

4 hours

Include: transportation, lunch and refreshment (bottled water, beer or soft drink)


The adventure of diving in Acapulco, we provides an opportunity to discover the rich variety of underwater of this Mexican tourist destination. Rocks, boulders and pinnacles, is what characterized the deep sea diving in Acapulco and is the perfect approach them a huge diversity of wildlife there manifests.
  • What’s included?

    • icon_ticket_entradas.pngTicket
    • icon_transportation.pngTransportation
    • icon_microfono.pngTravel or show
  • What’s not included?

    • icon_meals_drinks.pngDrinks
    • icon_money.pngGratuities
    • icon_money.pngMoney for suvenirs
  • Good to know!

    • icon_comfortable_clothes.pngComfortable clothes
    • icon_money2.pngMoney
    • icon_sunblock.pngSunblock
    • icon_sunglasses.pngSunglasses
    • icon_backpack.pngSmall backpack
    • icon_camera.pngCamera


Snorkel Tour

Explore Acapulco underwater and experience the beauty of the colorful fish swimming before your eyes

The best guides

The tour has experienced guides who will accompany you at all times and show you beautiful places inhabited as much fish as well as interesting rock formations to explore


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