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Affordable specialized tours for foreign visitors coming to Mexico.


Many people chose backpacking as a fun and fully experiential way of traveling that will offer a much more realistic experience. If you're planning to come to our country and do not want to spend a lot of money, Wayak has the perfect affordable backpacking tours in Mexico just for you wit interesting backpacking programs throughout the country.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a beach destination or an urban one, culture or archeology, party or peace; we offer 16 routes for the best most affordable backpacking tours in Mexico where you can visit the main attractions of our country safely and at your own pace. In this way you will really experience what Mexico is all about.

A free, safe and fun way to visit the most impressive sites in Mexico.

Our vans are the best option for affordable backpacking tours in Mexico; they are equipped with A/C, box seats, TV and DVD, as well as wireless earphones. Our 13 passenger vehicles will provide you with a safe and comfortable mode of transportation; if you have any questions, our on-board staff will give you personalized and up to date information.

But why are we the best alternative for affordable backpacking tours in Mexico? This sort of trip is not only a vacation; it is the experience of a lifetime. Backpackers want to live the destination authentically, rather than the tourism system in place. Wayak gives you the choice to explore exactly the way you want, with comprehensive services.

Come see the remains of a magical empire from thousands of years ago.

One of the favorite destinations on our affordable backpacking tours in Mexico is the Maya territories in the South; the archaeological sites tell us about our relationship with the universe and the knowledge of the Mayan civilization, it also shows us the exquisite manufacture, which demonstrates the eternal struggle between good and evil.

In many buildings the degree of development is reflected not only in the techniques of construction, but also in mathematics and astronomy. In its heyday, around the thirteenth century; it was the most powerful city in the Yucatan Peninsula. Come see it all with our affordable backpacking tours in Mexico, you will not regret this journey.


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    $ 49 USD

    Tour Six Flags Mexico City with Transportation from your Hotel

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    $ 250 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride and Teotihuacan Tour with Transportation and breakfast

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    $ 215 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride with Transportation

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