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There is so much to see and do in Mexico, and if you are looking for the best and most affordable Cancun tours, we are here for you. Wayak has comprehensive tourism services to the whole country that will make your trips as relaxing and luxurious as possible. Read more about our services and the many attractions in Cancun and book your tour today!

Punta Chiqueros is a beautiful cove found in Cozumel, it is moon shaped and is protected from the ocean by a large reef. The locals call it Playa Bonita wrongly; it has fine sand, clear water and moderate waves. Swimming, contemplating the sunset and eating fish in the local restaurant are some of the things you can do here with our tours.

There isn't a sub-par beach in the whole Peninsula.

Paamul was an important Mayan port long ago. Today it is a place of rest where visitors can enjoy tranquility and nature. Paamul is a lovely lagoon with a coral reef, ideal for snorkeling. Come to Paamul and the many other beaches to be found around Cancun with Wayak and our amazingly affordable Cancun tours.

Xcacel is a large bay with turquoise waters. Xcacel is located 100 km south of Cancun; this place is of great ecological wealth because you can admire different types of ecosystems on 362 acres of forest where there are mangroves, cenotes and coral reefs. Nowhere else in the country will you find so many scenic sites; book your affordable tours.

Affordable professional tours in Mexico for all kinds of budgets.

Among the most prominent clubs in this exotic place we find the Blue Parrot (Playa del Carmen), a place that is characterized by its famous show with fire and its proximity to the sea. Book your affordable Cancun tours with Wayak today and our bilingual guides will tell you so much more about this and many other places in and near Cancun.

Another fun place is also the Mambo Café (in Cancun) acclimated by orchestras that play salsa, merengue, mambo and various rhythms that display blood and Latin flavor. Come experience the best nightlife in the country with us and our affordable Cancun tours. Book yours today or contact us to know more about our first-class services.

From Cancún- Chichen Itza Tour (Classic Xichen)
$ 79.00 USD
Mayan Jungle
$ 129.00 USD
Coba Maya Encounter
$ 129.00 USD


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    $ 37 USD

    Tour Tulum Express
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 125 USD

    Punta Laguna and Coba Tour
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 149 USD $ 135 USD

    Tulum & Mayan Jungle Park
    Archaeological sites

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