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A safari full of adventures and strange animals.


If you are looking for a different adventure when you travel to this country's capital, we recommend our Animal Kingdom guided Tours in Mexico City. There is so much to do in this wonderful country, but we bet a safari wasn't what you were thinking of; come see for yourself all that is to be found in and near Mexico City and book a tours with us.

Reino Animal (or Animal Kingdom) is characterized as being different from a zoo, and more like what is known as a safaris. Therefore, every year they look for new tenants to come and bring joy and color to the park, to the delight of their visitors. Today they have about 1,300 animals of different species, and you can see them all with our tour.

Guided tours in English with professional guides and drivers.

Every year in Mexico Animal Kingdom safari, they care about carrying out programmed tasks for their animals to ensure the preservation of the species. They can proudly say that they have very unique feline species, such as the white lion, currently there have only been recorded 300 of these species worldwide, come see it with Wayak's Animal tour.

With the big cats safari there is not much contact, but there has been created a strategy for children and adults to interact with smaller animals and livestock, in addition to the fabulous and unique aviary where you can be between beautiful and colorful species of birds, there is just so much to see when you take our Animal Kingdom guided Tours.

Mexico City has many tour options for foreign adventurous travelers.

You will enter a tunnel where you will see wonders of crocodiles, turtles and snakes. A very original snake will teach you some magnificent specimens and their stories. You will enter a jungle full of iguanas where heat, humidity and rain sometimes will make you feel in another place; you will love our Animal Kingdom guided Tours in Mexico City.

Now you will move to a section of poisonous snakes and giant snakes where you have the opportunity to see up close rattlesnakes, cobras, coral snakes and other enigmatic species and discover why they are such poisonous snakes. You will learn so much when you take Wayak's Animal Kingdom guided Tours in Mexico City, contact us today!


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