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Folkloric Ballet of Mexico Tour

Affordable tours and transportation in Mexico.


If you are looking for an amazing backpacking route in Mexico, here in Wayak you will find exactly what you expected in terms of safety, low costs and the best customer service. Our route begins in Mexico City and goes all the way down to Cancún or Playa del Carmen. Also, if you want to go a little bit north, we can take you from Mexico City.

Our backpacking route in Mexico with flexi passes hop-on hop-off has 3 kinds of stops. There are places where you must stop for the night and continue your trip the next day, those places are: Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las casas, Palenque and Mérida. There are some other places where we stop for a while so you can get to know the best places.

Mexico is a great country to visit with a low budget.

Choose a backpacking route in Mexico out of the 12 choices we have for you. You can go from Mexico City to Cancun and the other way around, both routes cover 14 stops in between. The routes from Mexico City to Oaxaca and vice versa offer you a stop in Puebla. From Tuxtla Gutierrez to Cancun and the other way around, you will get 11 stops in between.

Another modality that we offer you is our backpacking route in Mexico via ground transportation shuttles or air shuttles, depending on the destination. There will be no need to choose an entire route, you just need to pick a departure point and an available destination. The only route that we cover by night bus is from Oaxaca to San Cristobal.

Interesting and safe routes for the adventurous backpacker.

The rest of this backpacking route in Mexico is covered by vans, traveling only during daytime for major safety and comfort. The rest our destinations are: Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Puebla, Oaxaca, Cañón del Sumidero, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Agua Azul, Misol Ha, Palenque, Campeche, Uxmal, Mérida, Chichén Itzá, and Cancún.

You will be free to choose departure date, time and destination. Explore Mexico in a very independent and different way; you will not regret this. We know that when you are looking for a chance to go backpacking, you are also looking forward to save some money; we have the best prices.


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    $ 40 USD

    Magic Xochimilco Tour + Coyoacan

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    $ 12 USD

    Historic Mexico City Downtown Bus TURIBUS
    Colonial cities

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    $ 64 USD

    Early Morning Teotihuacan with a Private Archaeologist
    Archaeological sites

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