A personalized Teotihuacan tour in English

Find here the best guided Teotihuacan tour! Live the experience of traveling comfortably from Mexico City and walk over 1.5 miles through the ancient Teotihuacan civilization. In addition to climbing the world's third largest pyramid, learn everything about this extraordinary culture and its surroundings. This activity includes transportation from your hotel to the archaeological site, tickets to enter the site, English spoken guides at all times and a safe return to your hotel.

Our guides have the necessary knowledge, passion for history and patience to offer you the most extraordinary experience. They will also give you the encouragement to climb the pyramids! Enter a magical world and climb the three major pyramids. Notice that the stairs are very steep, so it would require some level of physical fitness to make it up and back down. Don´t waste time in tourist shops and get quickly into the archaeological site.

Choose your guided tour to Teotihuacan today, totally personalized. You can choose the activities you want to do and what you prefer to see on your trip to the pyramids of Teotihuacan. Wayak is your best option to make this trip and enjoy it to the fullest. Our guided tour to Teotihuacan will allow you to know the best of this magical and special place in Mexico. 


Our guides are specialized in tours for foreigners in Mexico and know all the history about Teotihuacan with lots of interesting facts about the country. We make sure the tour is perfectly organized for solo or group travellers. You just have to bring some water, snacks, sun block and comfortable shoes to enjoy one of the world´s most famous archaeological sites.

Teotihuacan is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, and like many of Mexico´s archaeological sites, it guards secrets that specialists have yet to unravel.

Scholars agree that this is Mexico’s most important archaeological site, since it was the largest city in the Americas. During its heyday around 500 AD, its population was greater than that of Rome at the same time. The city's greatest mystery is that no one knows where this huge population eventually ended up. It was as if they vanished without a trace. This was also a place where many human sacrifices were made, often in correlation with astronomical events.

Although there is much mystery about the destiny of the inhabitants of Teotihuacan, there is a popular belief about this site. It is believed that it was right there where the gods gathered to give birth to what is known as the Fifth Sun. The Fifth Sun is what the Nahua people know as the origin, that is, it is believed that the day and the light originated there, all in common agreement of the gods. 

In the same way, there is a belief that relates that the construction of this mythical city was by a people of giants called quinametzin. However, this may be a myth, like many others that exist, because the ethnic group with the greatest presence in this city were the Otomi, from the Valley of Mexico.


Teotihuacan is a place of great energy, and it is quite common to witness people all dressed up in white meditating at the top of main pyramids. A visit to Teotihuacan is mandatory if you love the historical perspective of ancient cultures. If you’re visiting Mexico City, pay a visit to see this archaeological site that will prove a fascinating and worthwhile experience.

Although the ruins only take up about 1 square mile today, the original city was about 10 square miles in size. The main avenue, called Avenue of the Dead, connects all of the main attractions of this site. The citadel is a large square area at the southern end of the site, where various pyramids and structures are located. The main structure is definitely the Temple de Quetzalcoatl. It is known that Teotihuacan was thought to be the residence of the main ruler, and the city’s administrative center.

Come to Mexico, choose our guided tour to Teotihuacan, this way you can learn firsthand the impressive history told by expert guides on the subject. Get to know this beautiful place, fill yourself with energy and get to know with us the best places in Mexico. Travel safe and make the most of your next vacation with us.

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