Enjoy Mexican wildlife in personalized Celestun tours

Celestun is a small, picturesque village located on the west of Yucatan Peninsula, at 68 miles from the Mérida. Its stunning beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, and fascinating wildlife make it a touristic hidden gem that nevertheless attracts visitors from all over the world.

Wayak offers you one of the best tours in Celestun, including transportation departing from Merida, entrance and boat excursion through the Celestun Biosphere Reserve and bilingual guides. Our private Celestun tours in English were concieved to offer foreign visitors a comprehensive insight of one of the country's best kept natural sanctuaries. We combine amazing sightseeings with interesting facts, such as Mayan gastronomical universe and a glimpse of the local culture and festivities.

Colorful wildlife: Take a look at beautiful Celestun's aquatic birds

Our tours in Celestun offers you the opportunity to see and interact with the famous Caribbean pink flamingos that inhabit the area of Tambor. These magnificent birds are a sight to behold, with their vibrant pink feathers and graceful movements. They are the pinkest in all world thanks to the amount of carotene in the water they live.

Did you know? Flamingos lay only one egg each year and are monogamous.

They are not the only ones you can see at this eco-touristic bird paradise, also a great variety of herons, pelicans, and albatrosses inhabit this low deciduous forest and ducks that migrates from Canada stay from December to March in this sea loch.

In fact, there are more than 230 different species of mammals, some of them are endangered species such as jaguars, ocelots and spider monkeys. There are also other species such as sea turtles and crocodiles. 

Eco-touristic activities to enjoy in Celestun

Celestun is a fishing village with a variety of natural attractions. Among the activities you can enjoy in this estuary are:

1.Cambay spring: A beautiful "ojo de agua" or spring which crystal fresh waters can be navigated by boat to discover the petrified forest of Tampeten.

2. Baldiosera spring: Its crystal clear waters are great for snorkeling and swimming among the nature.

3. El Palmar lighthouse: About 25 miles away from Celestun is located the tallest phare of Yucatan. Although it is not a touristic site, you can get to this protected ecological reserve by car if rains have not flooded the road.

The importance of considering Wayak's tours in Celestun

This beautiful stuary is full of natural wildlife. It is important to visit it with safe transportations and guides with the right knowledge about this reserve and its close encounter with endemic flora and fauna.

Our private Celestun tours in English were created to provide international tourists the key elements of one of the country's most well-preserved natural havens. We combine breathtaking views with informative commentary from our bilingual guides, a journey through the region's diverse cuisine, and an introduction to the local customs.

Our tours in Celestun depart from Merida, Yucatan daily and have an approximate duration of 7 hours and a half. They are particularly enjoyable for nature enthusiasts and conservationists.

We invite you to take a look at some other tours departing from Merida

From archaelogical sites to magical colonial villages, Merida is the starting point to many kinds of tourism: ecological, cultural, conference and even health. In addition to our celestun tours, we also recommend you visit:

1.The ancient Mayan site Chichen Itza 

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Merida and its surroundings are home to a unique and vibrant culture, shaped by a fascinating blend of indigenous traditions, Spanish colonial influence, and modern-day influences. This region offers a rich and diverse cultural experience that is unlike any other in Mexico. From its mouth-watering cuisine to its stunning architecture and vibrant festivals, there is something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

A tour departing from Merida is a great way to learn about the local culture and history of the Yucatan Peninsula. You will have the opportunity to visit ancient Mayan ruins, explore traditional fishing villages, and sample authentic Mexican cuisine.

We want to share with you the love we feel for this part of Mexico working hard to provide you the best and safest transportation, highly trained tour guides and timely schedules that consider the best options to our guests.

We invite you embrace Mayan nature with our tours in Celestun!


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