Celestun is one of the most important natural reserves in Mexico.

If you are looking for amazing Caribbean tours to Celestun, look no further; Wayak is a tourism agency that has for you some of the greatest tours and transportation services in the country. Come discover the Mayan territories of the Yucatan Peninsula with us, and we assure to you; you will love it!

Our caribbean tours to Celestun include boat excursions through the tidal estuary of the Celestún Biosphere Reserve that afford views and photo opportunities of the vast flocks of flamingos and hundreds of other bird species. Have a swim in the clear, cool fresh water springs that bubble to the surface and drain into the estuary.

Caribbean tours for individual or group foreign travelers.

Our caribbean tours to Celestun were concieved to offer foreign visitors a comprehensive insight of one of the country's best kept natural sanctuaries. We combine amazing sightseeings with interesting facts told by our bilingual guides, a voyage to the area's gastronomical universe and a glimpse of the local cluture and festivities.

Our caribbean tours to Celestun include a comprehensive English spoken explanation on how important is this natural reserve for species conservation and a close look to endemic flora and fauna, like flamingos and crocodriles among other species. This tour is especially fun for nature lovers and conservationsits.

Celestun is known for its wide animal and vegetal diversity.

Located on the south side of the central square is the Casa de Montejo, a sixteenth century Spanish Plateresque construction and former home of the Montejo family. A visit to the Casa de Montejo, with its monumental carved stone facade, is something you must see during your stay in Merida with our Caribbean tours to Celestun and other nearby sites.

Merida has the ideal size for living, modern enough to enjoy our lives and raise our children; quite affordable to operate a small business in the United States and live here with all of one's needs met. Who knows, maybe when you book our Merida tours for small groups, you decide to stay in town indefinitely. Contact us to know more about our tours.

Celestun Tour
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    Celestun Tour

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