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The power of the Mayan culture is evident in archaeological sites that today still are erected in different parts of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. If you are visiting Riviera Maya, make time in your visit for sites like Kohunlich, Dzibanche Kinichná and Chacchoben, which is not as well-known as Tulum or Chichen Itza but it was just as important.

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With the largest number of buildings open to the public, Kohunlich, south of Quintana Roo and 69 miles from Chetumal, is known as a very important Mayan city. This is evident in the ceremonial buildings such as the Temple of the Masks and the Stela Plaza, with its famous hieroglyphs. Book your Chichen Itza guided bilingual tour and ask about them.

The most important things in this site are the 27 Steps and Pixa'an. In both you'll find a group of palaces and residential structures, within which were buried several high-ranking personages. Book your Chichen Itza guided bilingual tour and be blown away by the mysteries of the long gone Mayan empire, you will not regret your visit.

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Also to the south, you will find Chacchoben, 85 kilometers from Chetumal and three kilometers from Lazaro Cardenas, is an archaeological site whose name according to the earliest settlers and Maya speakers, refers to Colored Corn. Apart from our Chichen Itza guided bilingual tour, we also offer tours, excursions and transportation services.

Although less explored, in this site you can admire five buildings resting on a large basement and construction studies reveal at which time was this area occupied. Be sure to visit the Temple, it is said that it was the threshold by which the initiated could establish contact between the sacred and the mundane. Book your Chichen Itza guided tour.

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