Private Cuernavaca and Taxco tours in English

Wayak brings to you the best Cuernavaca and Taxco tours in Mexico. Our bilingual guides and new vans will make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible, and we also offer amazing transportation services to the whole country. If you've never heard of Cuernavaca or Taxco, you will be amazed at the many things to see and experience here.

Known as The City of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca, Morelos, is the preferred destination for many city dwellers due to its proximity to Mexico City, the tranquility in every corner and, of course, the pleasant warm temperature most of the year. Book your Cuernavaca day trip today and you too can bask in the warmth of this place.

Also, with us you can get to know Taxco, enjoy the best sites and activities to make the most of your next vacation. Or choose one of our Cuernavaca English tours and relax in this beautiful city.


At only 85 kilometers from Mexico City, the capital of Morelos has been adopted as a place of recreation and rest for almost all who have known it, from Aztec emperors and conquerors, to princes, artists and a large number of retirees. This city is also very popular for its nightlife, and our Cuernavaca and Taxco tours will take you.

Cuernavaca is known as the city of eternal spring, although its climate is varied, most of the year its weather is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities and take our Cuernavaca day trip. Get to know the beauty and beautiful weather of this city with Wayak.

In Ocotepec, a town near Cuernavaca, the Day of the Dead has great relevance. Visitors from all states and from other countries come to the cemetery of this town to admire the offerings that are placed on the altars. So now you know, November is a great time to book your Cuernavaca excursions to enjoy this festivity to the fullest, but you'll find something to do anytime.

We recommend you to travel during the first days of November, this will allow you to get to know the tradition of the Day of the Dead, a way to honor and remember those who are no longer with us. As a tradition it is believed that the Day of the Dead is the only day where loved ones who have passed away can return to earth and enjoy the food and drinks they liked when they were alive. It is a tradition full of colors and lots of food to not forget those who are no longer here. Learn about this and many other festivities on our tour in Cuernavaca.


The great Colonial tradition mining city of Taxco is known for its steeping streets, crowded plazas and old mansions with balconies overlooking flowers. This town is mostly famous for silver mining, so you can be sure to find the most affordable silver jewelry in the country here. Book your Cuernavaca tours in Mexico with Wayak today.

Hosted in the Humboldt House, the Museum of Colonial Art keeps an interesting display that offers an overview of the history of the city, its importance as a mining center, details of the history of the Parish of Santa Prisca, some works of sacred art and objects of the daily life of ancient times. You will love our Cuernavaca and Taxco tours.

Either to walk the beautiful streets of Taxco or Cuernavaca in our Cuernavaca tours. Get up close and personal with Mexican traditions. Buy silver gifts made by artisan hands, taste delicious Mexican food and taste amazing drinks. We recommend you to take our Cuernavaca tour. With Wayak, you have the opportunity to plan your trip in advance, as well as schedule the transportation services you will need for your long awaited vacation. 

Contact us and let's plan together the vacation you need. Our guides and drivers will get you safely to your destination, while taking you to the best places, not only in Mexico, but around the world. Schedule your next Cuernavaca English tours with our agency, Wayak.

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