Give yourself a treat visiting this enchanted part of Mexico.

If you are looking for the best Day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula, look no further. Wayak is a tourist agency that has the best tours and transportation services in the country. Nowhere else will you find such a great service at such a price. Book your day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula with us today and see it for yourself.

Our day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula include a closer look to its natural treasures and a fun adventure into the rainforests. You can choose from merey admire the nature or make a bike ride into the wild, swimming or eating delicious local food mady mainly with just-catched, very fresh seafood.

Celestun is the most celebrated ecological site in Yucatan.

Our day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula are intended to show visitors the natural wonders of the place. Celestun is the biggest natural protected area in the country and it comprehends a vast area in two federal states. In there, you will find exotic emblemic vegetation and rare fauna like local flamingos and alligators.

Spend quality time on our day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula and learn more about its mysteries and importance. This region comprehends a vast natural reserve protected by the governmets of the states of Yucatan and Campeche. The protected area is so big that it occupies parts of these two states.

Day time trips to get to know all that Yucatan has to offer.

Here we also find blouses, dresses or tunics worn by indigenous women of the region. Often colorful blouses are white with embroidered designs traditionally having some kind of meaning within the local community. You'll learn more if you travel with our Day trips to Celestun in the Yucatan Peninsula, contact us today to know more.

Or maybe you desire is to spend part of our vacation in Yucatan relaxing in a hammock. The Merida hammocks are high quality and made of cotton thread that is woven to form a fine mesh. They are extremely popular and of common use throughout the region, some Meridians even sleep in their hammocks when it's hot outside. Book your Day trips now.

Celestun Tour
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