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Xenotes Tour

Experience swimming in a place that was once considered sacred.

Comfortable, bilingual tours and premium transportation services in the Riviera Maya and around Mexico. We are a tourism agency that has the best excursions, tours and transportation services like chauffeured vans, shuttle tours and so much more. Read on and convince yourself, we are your best bet.

One of the reasons to book our diving tours to the cenotes in Riviera Maya is that our day expeditions are just the right combination of off-track adventure travel, nature and Mayan culture. Whether you choose one of the one-day expeditions or any of the half-day expeditions, you are guaranteed a thrilling new experience in Mexico.

Dive in an exciting environment with the necessary safety.

In our diving tours to the cenotes in Riviera Maya you can see Mayan ruins or snorkel on coral reefs. It is up to you what combination of activities you want, or if you'd like to spend the most possible time checking out these impressive creations of nature right on the core of the Riviera Maya.

The Riviera Maya has many hidden natural and archaeological treasures to be discovered. On our diving tours to the cenotes in Riviera Maya we can stop at a couple of these sites to enjoy ancient history and natural surroundings at the jungle or by the turquoise sea.

The Riviera Maya has the best diving spots in the country.

The region has more things to see and do aside our driving tours to the Cenotes in Riviera Maya. You can take a tour to the fishing villages, where eating is the primary aim, as fresh seafood is served in folkkorig diners, if you can name that to just tables and chairs with a palm-made roof, but where food is just delicious.

We can also plan other interesting tours at the Riviera Maya, like a voyage to the archaeological site of Tulum or a rendez-vous at calmed desert beaches, where you can just relax and swim for as long as you like. There are also many on-ride stops to other archaeological sites and towns.


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    $ 149 USD $ 135 USD

    Tulum & Mayan Jungle Park
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 125 USD

    Punta Laguna and Coba Tour
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 150 USD $ 119 USD

    Xcaret Tour + Transport
    Wonderful beaches

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