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Garibaldi Night Tour

A walking tour through history, art and philosophy.


Wayak has the safest most affordable services for you to enjoy everything that Mexico has to offer. Today we want to talk to you about our downtown walking tour in Mexico City, the best way to discover the many picturesque scenarios to be found in Distrito Federal. Discover the many advantages of traveling with us.

As if it were a mythological event, the ring for a moment transforms into the Olympus. Some wrestlers are masked, others, with unveiled face, proudly show the scars of a thousand battles, they are the stars of Mexican wrestling, a sport with over 100 years of history. Wayak's downtown walking tour in Mexico City will take you to an exciting time.

Discover all that Mexico City's downtown has to offer for visitors.

The popularity of wrestling has spread to countries like the U.S. and Japan, which also has thousands of fans who flock to each function, but in Mexico, it has risen to become a social phenomenon that results in a sport. Remember that our downtown walking tour in Mexico City is a safe and comfortable way to visit the wrestling rings.

The acrobatic style combat allows the execution of spectacular jumps in and out of the ring. The fighters use the ropes as springs to catapult against their opponents, causing the flights and falls that have made this sport famous; you will love the many tricks that Mexican wrestlers can play. Wayak's downtown walking tour in Mexico City, the best.

Our walking tour will take you to the most important spots.

Taxco has several tourist attractions such as its plinth, its narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses with tile roof, the craft market, the cable car, its museums and churches, among its highlights, you'll find one of the most beautiful Mexican churches: Santa Prisca. Wayak's downtown walking tour in Mexico City is the best way to get to know it.

Taxco offers many surrounding tourist attractions such as: Ixcateopan, Cacahuawamilpa Grottoes and Zoofari. Maybe the most important fact about Taxco is that it is was for a long time a mining town, and now you can buy amazing silver jewelry at very reasonable prices. Wayak brings to you this and many other downtown walking tour in Mexico City.


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