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Meet the Capital of Silver while you taste Mexican food.

Enjoy the All Inclusive Taxco Tour! Known as the Silver Capital of Mexico, Taxco offers a number of wonders for travelers from all over the world. Wayak offers an excellent tour which starts on Saturday at 9:00 am, and takes you to know everything about silver jewellery, from the moment of extraction to the production of jewellery. Book now!

Every piece is handmade and from there it's imported to different places in Mexico as well as around the world. Besides the jewelry, there are also two small museums and some outdoor eco tours in the National Park Huizteco. In the city, head to one of Taxco's traditional restaurants, where you can order Guerrero-style pozole (hominy soup).

All inclusive tours to explore what Mexico has to offer to you.

Enjoy the all inclusive Taxco Tour and explore this marvelous colonial town. Inimitable, traditional, avant garde, surprising, stimulating, inspirational; Mexico is all this and much more. Give you the opportunity of knowing how amazing Mexico can be! The food is delicious due to its different dishes and tastes. Don't miss a chance to taste it.

On board the service, there is commentary providing interesting information about the destinations. If you have any question, our bilingual drivers will provide you with personalized and up to the minute information to help you make the most of your visit. Enjoy the all inclusive Taxco Tour and taste the most delicious typical dishes.

Taxco is one of the most famous silver towns in the world.

Do you like Wresting? Wayakbus invites you to watch a mexican tradition taking place over an exciting spectacle full of adrenaline and the best fighters of Mexico. Surf through our website and choose the best option that fits your needs, we have exclusive package vacations that will amaze your family or your group of friends.

We are pretty sure that you will come back for more of our wonderful tours. Mexican people are well known because of their warmth and hospitality; you won't find a better place to experience the best adventure of your life. Enjoy the all inclusive Taxco Tour. Taxco is a wonderful colonial town where you can be close to nature and mining.


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