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Outdoor Adventure Tour at Puerto Vallarta

Welcome to the jungle! The extreme jungle tour in Puerto Vallarta.


If you are wondering what to do in Puerto Vallarta, we have lots of options for you. For example, if you want to go beyond the peaceful, romantic side of this destination and escape from the great resorts to discover the adventure that Vallarta has for you, you really need to come with us to our extreme zipline jungle tour and dive into the wild.

A Different Kind of Park - After experience the zip lines, you can also live another kind of activities that will make you fall in love with the tropical jungle. An amazing rappel off, a wobbly climb up crazy ladder, Tarzan Swings, suspended walkways and hanging brigdes are waiting for you. Jus decide whatever extreme experience you want to live!

Enjoy this extreme and wild zipline jungle tour in the safest way.

Get Wild and Wet - Every day in Puerto Vallarta must have a little bit of water and if you want to take your swimsuit on certainly this way to cross the jungle in Mexico is for you. Dip into a fun hillside waterslide and refresh yourself before the adventure continues. One of the aims of this tour is to be in contact with nature and feel its life.

If you are asking yourself about how dangerous this is, remember that your safety is our priority and you will be under the supervision of highly qualified guides. These professionals will ensure that any activity you do is done with the necessary equipment and safety rules. They are professionals who have dedicated their whole life to do this.

Zipline jungle tours and many other attractions at Puerto Vallarta.

First of all you have to start the day with all the attitude, then don't forget to pack your sun block, sunglasses, repellent and a small backpack for all the souvenirs you will find and buy. About the clothes a pair of shorts or pants and your favorite sport footwear will be the perfect match and don't forget a jacket for the afternoon return.

Don't worry about leaving your family apart, this experience is fun for everyone and you decide how much extreme elements you put in this day, maybe you can have a romantic walk through the nature with your couple or a crazy journey with your friends and children. The important part is to have fun in your vacations.


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    $ 120 USD

    Outdoor Adventure Tour at Puerto Vallarta

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