Experience the most beautiful ballet tour in Mexico City

Mexico City has a lot to offer: history, food, nightlife and arts; ballet, as one of the oldest and most beautiful human expressions, is not the exception. It is noteworthy, while you visit this cosmopolitan city, is its long tradition into this fine art, therefore, it is a must to take our ballet tour in Mexico City to explore more.

Amalia Hernández, dancer, teacher, choreographer and household name in the Mexican artistic guild, founded this folkloric ballet in 1952, as a way to represent the rage and diversity in the popular art through the decades. The best way to appreciate her mastery is taking one of our folkloric ballet tours in Mexico City.

Meet the best folkloric ballet of Mexico with the tours that Wayak offers. Soak up the Mexican culture through incredible and amazing typical dances, live the experience of knowing Mexican culture in its maximum expression. Get excited with us enjoying a one of a kind show, we offer the best folkloric ballet tours in Mexico City.


During its three hour and a half run, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico will amaze you from beginning to end, combining modernity and experimentation in techniques that only Amalia's ballet company can deliver. Los Hijos del Sol, El Cupidito, La Danza del Venado and Navidad en Jalisco are among the choreographic pieces present.

A tons of tours in Mexico promise great venues and awesome performances, but only ballet tours in Mexico City with Wayak can give you a high-end experience with no-hassle of spending hours in line for a ticket show. We also have the chance to pick you up at your hotel and leave you there again after the show ends or after doing something else.

From 1959 to present day, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico has been performing every Sunday and Wednesday in one of the most iconic places in Mexico City: Bellas Artes Palace, with three shows weekly. It was born not only with the aim to show foreigners some Mexican culture, but to involve the local society in the appreciation of moving arts and its beauty.

For Mexicans, traditions are part of their roots, and without a doubt, folkloric dance is part of those roots, that is why it has become the best way to show the beautiful traditions that encompass the Mexican, including the music and the colorful typical costumes, each one different in its origin. If you have ever wondered which is the typical Mexican costume, you will not find one, since each state has its own, and this is loaded with traditions and stories that are reflected in each of its elements, both the fabrics and textures as well as the colors. Choose today the best ballet tour in Mexico City with Wayak.


Bilingual guidance, tickets and transportation are part of the tour. We suggest comfortable clothes, a jacket, and your camera ready to capture one of the best nights of your life, plus you`ll get the chance to walk through the now renovated Central Alameda, with its fountains and passageways full of history to end a delightful and great evening.

Besides offering you the best ballet tour in Mexico City, we have for you many routes and tours to enjoy all that Mexico City has for you. Wayak is a professional travel agency that helps you plan your trips in advance so you can enjoy every moment from your arrival to your return. In Mexico City you can visit Xochimilco, you definitely can't leave without getting on one of the trajineras, drinking a beer and eating some typical Mexican snacks

On the other hand, if fun and adrenaline is what you want, we have for you the tours to Six Flags Mexico, one of the largest amusement parks, enjoy more than 30 rides and attractions to test your fears and have the most fun.

As you can see, Mexico has its own richness, the best way to check it out, is through folkloric ballet tours in Mexico City. Wayak offers you to plan your vacation in advance and get our safe transportation services. Book the best tour of ballet at Mexico City with us today.


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