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If you are looking for the best Garibaldi guided tours in Mexico City, we have something for you. Wayak is a tourism agency that has the safest and most comprehensive tours to the many attractions to be found in Mexico. Today we want to tell you a little more about Garibaldi and the many benefits of traveling with us, contact us to know more about this.

Mariachi is a genre of Mexican music recognized around the world. The musicians who perform this beautiful genre are also called mariachis. Mariachi has been considered by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Mariachi groups can be both male and female. Their typical costumes are known as "charros", generally the most used colors are black or white. Get to know in depth the Mexican traditions through our Garibaldi tours, the authentic mariachi square in Mexico City.

Definitely one of the most characteristic places in Mexico is mariachi headquarters Plaza Garibaldi, a representative place for being full of history, tradition, celebration and, of course, Mexican music. The music is also an amazing attraction of this place, so don't you miss it. Come discover it with Wayak's Garibaldi guided tours in Mexico.


By way of introduction, we say that the Plaza Garibaldi is located in the center of the late pre-Hispanic neighborhood Texcatzoncátl, which was mainly inhabited by potters and growers of maguey. During the year 1850 Garibaldi was born, it was then known as the Plazuela de Jardín, later it was awarded the name of Marketplace Plaza.

It was not until 1921 that it was given the name of Plaza Garibaldi, after the centenary of the consummation of national independence. It was given that name to honor Guissepe Garibaldi, who enlisted in the ranks of Madero in 1911. Book your Garibaldi tours in Mexico City, and discover the many fun things to do in Plaza Garibaldi.

Mariachi was introduced in 1920 to the city of Mexico by Cirilo Marmolejo with the Coculense mariachi and a permit allowing him to play anywhere in the city given by President Pascual Ortiz. Cirilo Marmolejo began playing in the Tenampa, known as the most famous mariachi bar. Wayak will take you to Tenampa with our Garibaldi  tours in Mexico.

Since then, the Mariachi Garibaldi Plaza has been characterized as the home of Mexican music and culture of Mexican music. The most famous Mexican composers have worked or at least frequented this place through the year, and who knows, you may see someone famous during your Garibaldi guided tours in Mexico City.


Besides offering you the best ballet tour in Mexico City, we have for you many routes and tours to enjoy all that Mexico City has for you. Wayak is a professional travel agency that helps you plan your trips in advance so you can enjoy every moment from your arrival to your return. In Mexico City you can visit Xochimilco, you definitely can't leave without getting on one of the trajineras, drinking a beer and eating some typical Mexican snacks. 

For Mexicans, traditions are part of their roots, and without a doubt, folkloric dance is part of those roots, that is why it has become the best way to show the beautiful traditions that encompass the Mexican, including the music and the colorful typical costumes, each one different in its origin. If you have ever wondered which is the typical Mexican costume, you will not find one, since each state has its own, and this is loaded with traditions and stories that are reflected in each of its elements, both the fabrics and textures as well as the colors. Choose today the best tours with Wayak, such as Garibaldi tours or folkloric ballet tours.

As you can see, Mexican traditions are part of its cultural richness, that's why you can't miss Mexico City and the Garibaldi guided tours, don't miss the opportunity to visit the most emblematic sites that show the beauty of Mexican traditions. Choose Wayak for your next vacation and enjoy the fun and safety you are looking for. Book with us today.


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