Campeche to Mérida
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Campeche, Merida and Chiapas tours and ground transportation.

If you are traveling to Mexico and you would like to cover longer distances and visit more destinations in less time and saving money, then you have arrives to the right place. We offer you our ground transportation from Merida to Campeche with an in between stop at Uxmal. Choose any day that you want to take our van departing from Merida at 7:30 am.

Book your seats in our website to travel by ground transportation from Merida to Campeche and enjoy an in between stop at the archaeological site of Uxmal. Here you will find short and detailed palaces, very well sculpted with stones that form geometrical mosaics with unique perfection. Learn more about ancient civilizations through the 15 sites.

The best ground transportation all around Mexico's best sites.

How about getting to know the hidden treasure of Mexico? That is another way to call the city of Campeche, and you will visit it when you take our ground transportation from Merida to Campeche. This is a very peaceful city, full of gorgeous places, history and color. Campeche was built over an ancient Mayan City, which is why, by itself, the city.

If you begin your visit downtown, you can take the Tranvía; it is a trolley system that will take you to enjoy the best sights of Campeche. You can also visit old Fortresses, like San Miguel that nowadays houses the Mayan Culture Exposition and the Archeological Museum of Campeche, apart from a collection of jade masks.

Buses from Merida to Campeche and many other great sites.

You will have visited Uxmal by the time you get to Campeche, but you can also find archaeological sites in this city. Visit the archaeological site of Edzná, you will discover a very advanced Mayan city with incredible architecture. In Edzná you will find not only the traces of an agricultural community, but also of a complex organized society.

Enjoy this impressive place full of history and knowledge, taking our excellent ground transportation from Merida to Campeche. You will have the best trip ever. Visit Merida, Campeche, Uxmal and many other beautiful places traveling in our comfortable vans, perfectly equipped for the best trip possible. Check out all the possibilities for a tour.


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