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Ciudad de México to Oaxaca
$ 395 USD

Professional van and bus transportation in DF, Oaxaca and Puebla.

If you are looking for the best ground transportation from Mexico City to Oaxaca, you are in the right place to book your seats in our shuttle van. We have the best service for you; you will cover more distance in shorter time at the best prices. Our shuttle vans cover an entire route from Mexico City to Cancun, with specific stops at certain sites.

You will arrive to Oaxaca at 3pm with our ground transportation from Mexico City to Oaxaca, which means you will be just in time to take a nice meal and relax in this wonderful city. In Oaxaca you will find a very wide variety of food, going from the most traditional dishes to international restaurants. Tlayudas, tamales, memelas and empanadas.

The journey from Mexico City to Oaxaca is full of surprises and magic.

Apart from the delicious food, Oaxaca is a city that holds a wide cultural diversity. Many tourists come to Oaxaca looking forward to know its special mixture of the traditional and the modern in the center of the city. Be one of those tourists taking our ground transportation from Mexico City to Oaxaca and get ready to be amazed by its beauty.

There are many ancient traditions that are practiced nowadays in Oaxaca; in this city you will find an amazing combination of the most Mexican traditions and its mixture with the European style, thanks to the Spanish conquerors. Make your reservations for our ground transportation from Mexico City to Oaxaca and you will see what this is about.

The best on-ground transportation services in the region for visitors.

Dancing is a very important part of the traditions and culture of Oaxaca. The Dance of the Feather is a great performance where the main dancer represents the sun. He performs circular movements to communicate with the rest of the dancers, representing celestial bodies. Diagonal movements represent winter solstice and parallels are for spring.

Enjoy this very famous performance and many other traditions with our ground transportation from Mexico City to Oaxaca; we can assure you an amazing time! We cover a wide number of routes going from Mexico City to Cancun, choose your favorite and enjoy the ride! We can plan personalized trips for individual or group travellers.


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