Ciudad de México to Puebla
$ 219 USD

Mexico City tours and transportation services to colonial cities.

Book our ground transportation from Mexico City to Puebla and enjoy the best service in our shuttle vans. Departing from Mexico City at 9am, our shuttle van will be arriving to Puebla at 11:30am, with an in between stop at the beautiful Popocatepetl landscape. Our vans cover the best touristic routes of southern Mexico and they are fully equipped.

In between our route of ground transportation from Mexico City to Puebla, we`ll make a very special stop at the Popocatepetl landscape, so you can take pictures and enjoy the sights. The Popocatepetl is an active volcano located among Morelos, Puebla and Mexico. This volcano has glaciers at the very top, but they are not active nowadays.

Puebla has many attractions as it is one of the first colonial cities.

The variety of food in Puebla will amaze you. The gastronomy here is very representative of the cultural mixture between Spanish and Mexicans. The most representative dishes of this region are the traditional mole, chiles en nogada and mole de caderas (mole of hips). Enjoy this wonderful cuisine and much more, by booking your seats in our tours.

Depending on the dates that you book for our ground transportation from Mexico City to Puebla, you might have a chance to enjoy some of the popular festivities. In Puebla, they celebrate some carnivals through the year, like the ones in Huejotzingo, El Alto and San Jerónimo Xayacatlán. In the city of Puebla alone, there are 83 religious festivities.

Premium ground transportation for touring the surroundings.

In Puebla, there are many archaeological sites but only some of them are open for the public to visit. Yohualichán, Cantona, Cholula's Archeological Zone, Tepexi and Cuthá are among the ones you can actually visit. Some museums have archaeological pieces as well, like the Amparo museum. When you take the best ground transportation in Mexico City.

You can visit pyramids, churches, museums and other important places in Puebla. Take our shuttle van from Mexico City to Puebla in order to save time, money and enjoy the most comfortable ride. Our units have all the equipment you will need during the ride, security devices and comfortable seats to enjoy your journey into Puebla and beyond.


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