Transportation to tourist sites in Mexico for foreign visitors.

When looking for ground transportation to tourist destinations in Mexico, you can be sure that Wayak has the best options for you to travel safely. We offer you different ways to go around Mexico, exploring and discovering the greatest tourist destinations. With Wayak you wont have to worry about anything but planning your trip and enjoy the ride.

Our ground transportation to tourist destinations in Mexico is divided in different kinds of services. For example, you can make reservations for our shuttles. These are 13-passenger vans that can take you from one place to another within our predesigned schedules. All you have to do is go to our website, choose shuttles and everything else.

Professional rides to all the main tourist destinations in Mexico.

If you want to have a predesigned route across the country to book your ground transportation to tourist destinations in Mexico, we offer you flexi passes with the hop-on hop-off modality. You will be able to choose a route, not just a shuttle. We can cover from Mexico City to Cancún, with 14 stops in between. In total, we have 12 different routes.

We have 3 different types of stops included in our service of ground transportation to tourist destinations in Mexico. We have compulsory overnight stops where you must spend the night, which is the case of cities like Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Palenque and Mérida. There are also an special stops at places where you will have time to see.

Fast and safe ground transportation with friendly professionals.

We are going to take you to all the places you choose in Toyota HIACE 13-passenger vans, fully equipped with A/C, DVD screen and mp3 players. Apart from the equipment needed, all our vehicles are covered by insurance and so are our travelers while onboard. Make your reservations now for ground transportation to tourist destinations in Mexico.

We can guarantee your satisfaction in terms of safety, cost and customer service. All we need is a minimum of 3 passengers to get on the road and start a wonderful trip! You will find excellent services, from airport-hotel transfers to amazing tours and vacation packages for the best destinations. Be sure to choose the ones that best fit you.

Ciudad de México to San Miguel de Allende


Mexico City - Puebla
Mexico City - Querétaro
Mexico City - Valle de Bravo
Mexico City - Toluca
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