Archaeological adventures in the Yucatan Peninsula, including Chichen.

Without any doubt, our group transportation from Merida to Playa del Carmen is the best way to cover a long distance in a short time with unbelievable places to visit in between. In our shuttle departing from Merida at 7:30am, you will visit two gorgeous places in between: Chichen Itza and Tulum. Finally, you will arrive to Playa del Carmen at 4pm.

We will make the first stop in between the route at Chichen Itza archeological site, so you can discover the cultural and political center of the old Mayan civilization. Of all Mayan architectural sites, this one is the best preserved. You will find amazing constructions like the Temple of Warriors, the Platform of Venus and the Observatory.

The best transportation services for individual or group visitors.

We can make interesting stops at our group transportation from Merida to Playa del Carmen to archaeological sites or natural reserves. It all depends on what you have in mind. If you like to make stops in between places or maybe you prefer to reach your destination as soon as possible. We are flexible and at your service.

We know you will be really eager to get your final destination in our group transportation from Merida to Playa del Carmen. This is a great option if you want to escape from the big city, Playa del Carmen has everything for you to enjoy and forget about everyday routine. Whether you are looking forward to relax or visit the best bars and nightclubs.

Merida and Playa del Carmen are two of the most exciting towns.

If you like to practice ecotourism or extreme activities, you can find them in Playa del Carmen too. You can go jungle crossing, rappelling, biking, snorkeling, and many other alternatives that will pump up your adrenaline. Book your seats for our group transportation from Merida to Playa del Carmen and don't forget to go visit more sites.

Playa del Carmen is one of Mexico's top touristic destinations for foreign visitors. Enjoy traveling with professionals, our staff will give you the best attention and our vans are the best vehicles to enjoy the road. We have professional drivers who are always happy to serve you in the best way they can.

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