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The most beautiful natural site in the whole country.

If you are looking for some new adventures to be lived in Mexico, we highly recommend our Hierve el Agua tours in Oaxaca Mexico; there is simply no better way to really experience first-hand the amazing places to be found in our country. We invite you to read on and see the many advantages of traveling to Oaxaca with us. Contact us to book now.

Here you will find two impressive petrified waterfalls where calcium carbonate formed for thousands of years into carbonated water runoff. From the springs, the water runs down rugged cliffs over 50 meters high. The springs area that gives birth to it was used to create a large pool that has now become natural spa of warm water and you can visit it.

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Hierve el Agua has been recognized as a likely site of an ancient Zapotec sacred place, which was located here due, perhaps, to the great natural contrasts, it is in the heart of a steep mountain range which during the dry season is characterized by extreme aridity. Book your Hierve el Agua tours in Oaxaca Mexico with us today to know more about it.

Hierve el Agua has gathered many archaeologists, biologists and geologists, because it is a site where it was built over 2,500 years ago a complex irrigation system of which significant traces still exist. Our bilingual guides will tell you so much more when you take the Hierve el Agua tours in Oaxaca Mexico; make your stay in Mexico special.

Hierve el Agua and Oaxaca's surroundings with premium touring services

Water temperature is slightly higher than that of the environment, fluctuating between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius (71 and 77 ° F) far below the boiling point. As in many other natural springs, people say that the water here has medicinal property. Come check for yourself with our Hierve el Agua tours in Oaxaca Mexico, and you won't regret it.

However, the natural beauty is not the only attraction here, which is mostly an important archaeological site whose long history has allowed us to study various aspects of the culture and way of life of the ancient inhabitants of the region. You can learn more with our bilingual tours in the Hierve el Agua tours in Oaxaca Mexico, book yours today.


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