Mérida to Chichén Itzá
$ 174 USD

Riviera Maya, Cancun and Merida shuttle routes and bus transportation.

Wayak's hop-on hop-off to the Yucatan is a comfortable way to travel through different destinations without having to pay for each trip at a time. Imagine you want to go from Mexico City to Palenque, then Uxmal and end your journey in Cancun; instead of having to pay for three different buses, you can pay a one-time fee that will take you.

Uxmal is the most important and most well preserved Mayan site in México, an example of the Puuc architecture from the classical period over a thousand years ago, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The legends say that a dwarf magician was challenged by a king to build a city in a night, and so he did. There are different theories.

Yucatan has the most amazing sites for you to discover. Don't miss it.

We also highly recommend visiting Chichen Itza, a different style of Mayan architecture mixing both the Puuc style and the Chenes, which resulted in a very particular city that attracts over 1.2 million tourists every year. The hop-on hop-off to the Yucatan will also take you to Palenque, Merida and Tulum, where you'll find even more sites.

If you are looking for more of a beach destination, Cancun and Playa del Carmen are the place to go, and our hop-on hop-off to the Yucatan will take you there. These cities near the Caribbean Sea have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with golden sand and crystal clear waters. There you will find luxurious hotels, resorts and spas.

Hop on into the most exciting adventure for free travellers.

One of the richest most beautiful cultural experiences await for you in Oaxaca. West of the Yucatan, this state holds the biggest indigenous population in the country and some amazing Zapotec archaeological sites such as Monte Alban. The hop-on hop-off to the Yucatan will take you also to the city of Oaxaca, where many surprises are waiting for you.

Nearby you will find San Bartolo Coyotepec; you will not want to miss this little town were the famous black clay pottery is made. Our hop-on hop-off service lets you discover the wonders of Mexico at your own pace. This personalized attention is rare to find, as many agencies have very limited touring programs.


  • Chelem - Merida

    $ 205 USD
  • Celestun - Merida

    $ 169 USD
  • Dzibilchaltun - Merida

    $ 130 USD
  • Chicxulub - Merida

    $ 119 USD
  • Merida - Chelem

    $ 205 USD
  • Merida - Cancun

    $ 329 USD
  • Merida - Izamal

    $ 109 USD
  • Merida - Chicxulub

    $ 119 USD
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