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Sea Safari Tour

A true treasure of Sierra Madre.


Puerto Vallarta is a place full of resorts, restaurants, boutiques and many of the common attractions a beautiful beach has. But it also has some hidden gems for those who want to explore and enjoy natural landscapes full of magic and adventure. In Wayak we always are looking for the best places to take you in and that is why we have a safari tour.

This Kayak safari tour in Puerto Vallarta begins on a 400HP crossing the bay. This thrilling trip will take you away from the crowded tourist area into a quite, almost virgin, hidden coastline. In fact, it is an authentic village of fishermen at the south coast of the bay; an isolated community where the time goes slower than our city routine.

The road to a little secret paradise.

On that place, you will ride a mule or horse that will take you up and down the mountains. Your reward will be an astonishing waterfall and natural pool where you can refresh yourself swimming or having a drink. Feel yourself as in The Blue Lagoon!

We will take you to La Bola, a cove where you can snorkel. It is your first time? No problem! We will provide you the equipment and a an introduction with the security measures and advice to enjoy at its best the beauty of the rock reefs, where you will meet a variety of tropical fishes and other sea life. Our guides will be there always for you.

For one moment, our visitors will feel they have a beach for them.

On this Safari tour in Puerto Vallarta you get the chance meet a new underwater world, that is something! So after that you may want to relax, and the best place to do so is our private and secluded beach. In that particular little piece of heaven you have the chance to lie down on hammocks and sand rugs, enjoy drinks in our open bar or food.

The Kayak safari tour in Puerto Vallarta offers you many options: From day full of excitement with snorkeling, kayaking activites, to the peacefulness of enjoying the sun of a private beach from a hammock. This tour is for people up to 10 years old and includes safety equipment, snorkeling and kayaking equipment, lunch and bottled water.


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    $ 120 USD

    Outdoor Adventure Tour at Puerto Vallarta

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    $ 130 USD

    Extreme Adventure tour

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    $ 200 USD

    Dolphin Extreme Swim Tour
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