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Luxury Sailing Tour at Puerto Vallarta

Turquoise waters, wild marine life and all the luxury that you deserve.


Puerto Vallarta is the ultimate destination for your holiday. Thanks to its weather, beaches and maritime activities, it has become the meeting point for experienced travelers who want to explore new seas. Therefore, that is why is a favorite spot for sailboat tours due to its moderate winds and crystal clear waters, resulting in a memorable trip.

While surfing the Pacific coast, specifically Banderas Bay, you will notice the sea wildlife that abounds in this area, which invites you to discover it. Whether you choose free-swimming for a while or something bolder like snorkeling, this bay offers everything to cool you off, with its nearly 62 miles (100 kilometers) of coastline.

Sailing with nature in Puerto Vallarta is a great plan for you.

Did you know Banderas Bay is a notorious area for the mating and birth of the humpback whale? Well, now you know. But the best part is to check it out: Imagine being in the presence of a 12 to 16 meters long mammal (39-52 feet) in its natural habitat. Take the opportunity to reserve your spot on the Luxury sailboat tour in Puerto Vallarta.

If this is your first trip to Puerto Vallarta, or you are a regular guest to this destination by now, you will be fascinated to know more about this place that has become a must-place-to-be for foreign travelers of any nationality, which gives the city a cosmopolitan vibe, but at the same time retains a warm, personal touch that its people have.

Comfort and first class services in luxurious sailboat tours.

Aside from enjoying the best marine panorama, we also include snacks and drinks during the tour, so you only have to worry about having a good time in one of the most memorable trips to Mexico in your life. You will have the chance to spot sea wild life while you are sailing. You can't miss this opportunity to see some species very closely.

The crew that will join you on this adventure knows how to address each of your requirements and requests, and immediately respond any questions or suggestions arising during the trip. No wonder we designed this trip to become the ultimate Luxury sailboat tour in Puerto Vallarta for friends and family and enjoy it firsthand as you will.


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