Excitement and fun with Riviera Maya tours and attractions

Wayak is a tourism company that offers many different services to explore everything that Mexico has to offer. Our shuttle bus has diverse routes to Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas, the Yucatan peninsula and the Riviera Maya, and we have the best Riviera Maya tours and attractions of Mexico. don't miss to spend your next Riviera Maya vacation with the services and bus from Wayak.

Get to know the most beautiful sites of the Riviera Maya with our professional guides. We also have transportation services for you to travel safely, whether you travel alone or accompanied. Getting the Riviera excursions will never be so much fun. Spending your vacation in the Riviera Maya will allow you to visit some of the most beautiful and impressive Mayan settlements, as well as learn first hand about the history, traditions and customs of this magical and enormous Mayan culture.


The most important Mayan archeological site is Uxmal; located just outside the city Merida, this amazing city was once a political and commercial potency the likes of Thebes or Rome. The architectural style of the city is called Puuc, characterized by its richly decorated stone mosaics, complex geometrical patterns, veneer stones and concrete. All of this you will get to learn in your next Riviera Maya vacation.

Chichen Itza is other of the main Mayan cities that you can visit, a place that represents the diversity of architectural styles that existed in Mesoamerica, because in its time it was a popular place for migration. Remember that the Riviera Maya excursions that Wayak offers are definitely the best way to explore this and many other Mayan sites.

Playa del Carmen is another destination within the Riviera Maya tours and attractions that Wayak offers. It is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Its main activity is tourism, therefore, in this place you will find an endless number of activities to do. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with your family, in Playa del Carmen you will always find something fun to do, as well as a good story to listen to.

Coba is another of the sites that you can visit with our Riviera Maya tours and attractions. Its name means moss or humidity. It is located about 90 kilometers from Chichen Itza. It is believed to have had a population of 50,000 inhabitants in its heyday. The ruins of Coba are one of the main tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya. Visit this beautiful site and learn with us the history behind the ruins of Coba.

Our Riviera Maya excursions are a wonderful way to travel around Mexico and the safest and most affordable way. The shuttle services we provide have well planned routes that will take you to the main attractions in the country; all of the routes begin or end in Mexico City (although you can travel to and from the destinations of your choice).


While traveling to the breathtaking Mayan cities, we highly recommend that you take some time to travel to the city of Merida. The safest city in the country welcomes you with open arms; you will love its exotic food that is different from everywhere else in Mexico, because of its Mayan, Dutch and Caribbean influences like the avenue Paseo Montejo.

In our Riviera Maya tours and attractions, Wayak will take you to the Cenotes, underground natural pools that were sacred to the Mayans. Learn more about this amazing culture while you visit some of the most beautiful sites in the whole country. Our comprehensive services are thought to ensure a great experience for foreign visitors and to be able to show them the best sites in Mexico.

With our professional transportation and tour services you will be able to enjoy your Riviera Maya vacation. Our guides are professional and will be able to give you the tour in English so you won't miss anything. The drivers of our transportation services will take you to your destination safely and without wasting time. We are a travel agency expert in making your vacation an unforgettable time for you and your family. Schedule your Riviera Maya  tours and attractions with Wayak today.

Chichen Itza Tour departing from Merida (Private)
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