Riviera Maya tours to Chichen Itza departing form your hotel

Wayak offers you simply the best Riviera Maya tours to Chichen Itza and many other options in the country. Shuttle buses with routes to many sites and cities like Puebla, Oaxaca, Campeche, Merida and Cancun. We also have chauffeured vans for rental and tours to these and other places that you will love. You can't miss these wonders of archaeology that attract over 1.2 million tourists.

The Riviera Maya has, among all its amenities, the most amazing archaeological sites. They are more spectacular because some of them are surrounded by dense vegetation or even bathed by the sea. That is why our team has planned the best Riviera Maya tours to Chichen Itza for a while now.

In Wayak, we also have Riviera Maya tours to Tulum so you can learn much more about this beautiful and magical culture, traditions, customs, myths and legends that are part of it. Undoubtedly, an experience you can't miss on your next vacation.


One of the most important Mayan cities is Uxmal; here you will find architectural marvels that have survived the test of time for almost 3000 years. Examples of the best Puuc regional style of architecture can be found at these buildings which are characterized by their concrete cored structures, veneer stones, stone mosaics and complex geometrical patterns.

The legends say that a dwarf wizard was challenged by a king to create a city in a night; after he did, he became its king. The meaning of the name is also an enigma; some say that it means three times built?, other say that it is what is to come?. Do not miss this and many other archaeological sites with our Riviera Maya tours to Tulum and transportation service.

Other wonderful place to discover the Mayan heritage is Chichen Itza. This city was a place of immigration, which resulted in an astonishing mix of architectural style from the regions of Puuc and Chenes, among others. In an area of 1.9 square miles, you'll find many buildings and Sacbeob; these are little raised pathways that join two buildings.

Meet Chichen Itza, one of the best sites that we include in our tours to Chichen Itza from Riviera Maya. Chichen Itza is located 200 kilometers from Cancun and one of the best sites within Chichen Itza to visit is the Kukulkan temple, this temple is one of the 200 most visited sites related to the Mayan culture throughout Mexico, certainly a must on your next tours to Chichen Itza from Riviera Maya.


Our shuttle bus routes are the best option if you're looking to travel at your own pace, stopping for as long as you want in any of our destinations. All our routes begin or end in Mexico City (but you can journey to and from any point within the route), and we will pick you up and drop you off on your hotel door, so you don't have to worry. 

And if you plan to travel to many destinations, our hop-on hop-off service offers you the chance to travel the whole route within a period of 2 months, without having to pay for each stretch.Wayak, the best Riviera Maya tours to Chichen Itza and transportation service in the country. Our shuttle bus options allow you to discover the wonders of Mexico at your own pace.

Wayak offers transportation services. Each of these can be fully customized or selected for a group of people. We have vehicles as well as vans to pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the door of your hotel. With us you can travel safely and without the need to waste time. Our drivers are professional and will take you to your destination safely and with the best attitude.

In addition to our Riviera Maya tours to Chichen Itza, we have Riviera Maya tours to Tulum. You can choose what you want to visit and plan ahead for your next vacation. We are a professional travel agency ready to put you on the road to the fun and safety you need for your next vacation. Come to us, with one click you can book your pass to the best sites and destinations in the Riviera Maya, you will know one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and around the world.

Caves of Loltun & Uxmal
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