Shuttle buses and vans in Mexico.

We offer you the service of mini bus transfer in Mexico in case you are planning to come on vacations with a group of friends or family. Our mini buses can take up to 12 passengers, but if you are traveling with a small group, we offer you a sedan vehicle for 4 passengers, or you can share a van with other travelers that are heading the same place.

Our mini bus transfer in Mexico is very practical and will allow you to meet other tourists that are staying near your hotel. Here is how it works: You can book just a seat or a complete vehicle, it doesn't matter if you are traveling alone or with a group, you choose the number of passengers and we provide you with the vehicle needed.

Mini bus as ground transportation services for small groups.

Once you get to the airport, right when you cross the arrival gate, you will be able to see a member of our staff waiting for you. He can be holding up your name or Wayak`s logo so you can identify him. Here's where our service of mini bus transfer in Mexico really begins. If you've chosen to share a vehicle with other travelers is better.

If you have chosen a private mini bus transfer in Mexico, there will be no problem. We will only take you to your hotel and you can totally make your reservations for the trip to go from the hotel to the airport. You will enjoy the same excellent service; we will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off at the airport with enough time.

Mexico is a great destination for adventurous travellers.

Our mini bus transfer in Mexico will give you the advantages of safety, good prices and the fact that you wont waste too much time waiting for public transportation. Our sedan vehicles are the most comfortable way of going through the city and so are our 12-passenger vans equipped with A/C, DVD screen and mp3 players.

Our drivers will be ready for you when you need them, they are professionals and so is the rest of our staff; whatever you need, all you have to do is contact us through our e-mail, by telephone call or in our website. If you need other services, such as tours, shuttles, or hop-on hop-off routes, you will find them in our website too.

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