Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)

A magical journey to the core of one of the most important sites.

If you are looking for a great way to explore the many wonderful places to be found in Mexico, we recommend starting with our Monte Alban tours with bilingual guides; we have simply the best services in the country for you. Our tours are an amazing way to explore Mexico while learning interesting stuff in the process, read on and see for yourself.

It is one of the most important ruins because it was born with the fall of Teotihuacan, this is an impressive city which looks golden in times of drought, and emerald in rainy seasons, this place is so beautiful that has brought splendor to two cultures; the Zapotec and the Mixtec. Book our Monte Alban tours with bilingual guides and other sites.

bilingual guides and professional drivers to take you to the sites.

The heart of the city is represented by a huge space called Gran Plaza, this is where we suggest you begin your journey. You can imagine when in this great space sat the market that sold food, plants and even luxury goods. When you book our Monte Alban tours with bilingual guides, you will learn so much more about this place with our guides.

Around here you will find several structures, such as the North and South platforms, which you should go to enjoy unrivaled views of the valleys of Oaxaca. These huge temples had also residential palaces, elegant stone tombs, water storage, structures for the ball game, and monuments for astronomical observation; come see all this with our tours.

Bilingual tours for more appreciation from foreign visitors.

Bonampak is an almost unexplored archaeological site, ancient muraled shelters that provide insight into the lifestyle of an ancient culture. Located in Ocosingo, Chiapas, it is a window into the culture of the ancient Maya who inhabited the region. Apart from our Monte Alban tours with bilingual guides, we have amazing tours to the Mayan sites.

This site belongs to the Late Classic Period and is nestled in the heart of the Lacandona Jungle, highlighted by the Temple of Murals, showing with startling realism the story of a battle, its aftermath and the celebration of victory. Come have your breath taken away by this beautiful place with the Monte Alban tours with bilingual guides.


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    Zapoteca Heritage (Monte Albán)
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