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Wayak offers relaxing and luxurious tours, excursions and transportation services to the many scenic sites to be found in Mexico. If you're looking for the best Playa del Carmen tours with bilingual guides, we are here for you; we invite you to discover one of the prettiest towns in Mexico and one of the most luxurious.

The Mayan civilization is fascinating for several reasons: its pyramids, its complex mathematical and astronomical systems, hieroglyphic writing. All for a civilization that never discovered iron, it is truly impressive. Book your Playa del Carmen tours with bilingual guides and come unearth the many mysteries of the Mayan civilization with us.

Professional bilingual guides to take you to the best sites.

The architecture of the Mayans is undoubtedly what will mystify you more. There are different styles according to the period to which they belong and their geographical distribution. In general all Mayan cities had a large pyramid with a temple at its top and a ballgame court. On our Playa del Carmen tours with bilingual guides you will learn a lot.

Among their engineering works, a highlight are the sacbes, cobblestone roads that served to unite the large cities with the Cenotes, circular pits that formed when a piece of land sank and exposed groundwater, and Chultunes, which were some artificial pools. Book your Playa del Carmen tours with bilingual guides with us today!

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One of the most beautiful Mayan cities in our country. Part of its charm is that it was built just across the vast horizon of the Caribbean Sea. You must discover its splendid scenery. From the seat of Tulum high on a cliff you can see the stunning turquoise hue of the Caribbean Sea, in all its magnificent projection. Our Playa del Carmen tours.

Tulum in Quintana Roo state can be enjoyed in many different ways, but within this range of possibilities we recommend two: the first is as an archaeological site where you can learn about the greatness of the Maya world, the second is like a beach destination. Come see all the sides of Tulum with us and our Playa del Carmen tours.

Tour Coba + Cenote + Magic Village
$ 45.00 USD
Tulum - Coba & Mayan Village
$ 129.00 USD


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    $ 140 USD

    Swimming with Whale Shark Adventure
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 99 USD $ 94 USD

    Xcaret Entrance Ticket
    Wonderful beaches

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    $ 100 USD

    Xel-Ha Entrance
    Wonderful beaches

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