Wayak offers you the best options for private tours in Mexico.

When it comes to hiring a custom tour experiences, there is only one company capable of offering the best transportation facilities, so that your trip becomes the experience you are looking for: Wayak. We have destinations in Playa del Carmen, Mexico City and Oaxaca ready for you to visit today. Request a quote now.

That's right, we have tours that take you through the most impressive archaeological sites of southern Mexico and know cultures such as the Maya, which was one of the most advanced societies of its time. In the same way you can prepare a trip to submerge yourself in the bottom of the sea in a safe way and without paying too much.

Our offer of a custom tour in Mexico will be surprised.

With Wayak you do not have to worry about your luggage or the type of transportation that will take you to your destination, since we have modern and comfortable units, with bilingual tour guides and all the facilities to make your stay in Mexico a pleasant one. If you want more information, contact us today.

In the same way we have the kind of experience you are looking for, be it a tour of a colonial city, where you will know the history of Mexican society through the centuries, or maybe you want to experience an extreme adventure by air, land or sea. You decide the activity and in Wayak we make it possible for you.

Large or small groups: you decide the size.

We have extensive experience in organizing customized tours and trips for large or small groups, so size is the least important. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and provide you with the experience that will completely relax you until the first time you visit Mexico with your family or friends, or perhaps with both groups. That is your decision.

Request today more information about the destinations we have in our catalog so that we can plan together with you the best holidays of this year. Besides, you do not have to worry about paperwork and payments, since we take care of that in Wayak. Quote your trip with us today and experience Mexico like you have never done before.

Palenque & Waterfalls
$ 39.00 USD
Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation
$ 149.00 USD


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    $ 129 USD

    Mayan Jungle

  • img-top
    $ 62 USD

    Tour Isla Mujeres from Cancun
    Wonderful beaches

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    $ 85 USD

    Yaxchilan and Bonampak Tour Basic
    Archaeological sites

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