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Discover the wonders of this Mexican emblematic city.

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In the markets and shops of Puebla you'll find crafts from all corners of the state, as Amozoc silver pieces, Chignahuapan Christmas spheres and Pahuatlán or bark paper. Puebla is one of the cradles of national culture, a fact reflected in its large variety of handcrafted pieces and artworks recognized. The best Puebla tours in English.

Puebla is one of the most emblematic cities in the country.

In the Plaza of the Toads, which sits on South 8th Street, between 3 and 5 East, has a weekend market where you will find crafts and antiques: woodcarving, jewelry, coins and decorative pieces, among other. Another option is the Analco district, which streets fill with another weekend marke. Come see all this with our Puebla tours in English.

El Parian Market (located on 2 North East and 6) dates from 1801, ii is located on the Old Town Square of San Roque and is open daily. Much of its surface is covered with talavera pottery. In its more than 100 stores you can find onyx objects, sweets, miniatures, embroidery, pottery, textiles, baskets and, of course, talavera.

Tours in English to ensure great information of the Mexican culture.

Shortly after its founding, Puebla was already renowned for its production of fine ceramics, especially the style known as Talavera. This style was developed through good quality clay that abounds in the region and the rapid progress of the craftsmen. You will want to buy at least one piece of Talavera during your Puebla tours in English.

Between 1550 and 1570, a potter from the village of Talavera de la Reina came to Puebla to teach locals European techniques such as the use of the potter's wheel and tin glaze. The mixture of Spanish designs and local methods gave rise to what is known as Talavera. On our Puebla tours in English, you will visit the many local markets.


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