Ciudad de México to Puebla
$ 219 USD

Puebla, Queretaro and Guanajuato shuttle.

Our tours include magical getaways, which you can enjoy in our comfortable vans, like the shuttle van from Puebla to Mexico City. Our vacation packages are perfect for life's special moments like honeymoons, anniversaries, and engagements or just because you want to. Puebla is a great destination for those interested in colonial architecture.

To get an overall sense of Mexico City, when you take our shuttle van from Puebla to Mexico City, visit the principal museums like the Museum of Archeology or the Museum of History. Also, you must explore the archeological ruins of Teotihuacan, the city of the Gods. In this magical place you will experience the adventure of knowing more about this.

Mexico City is great for visitors who love culture and to have fun.

Take our shuttle van from Puebla to Mexico City and discover spicy flavors and stunning ruins. Join Wayak Tours and discover places of amazing beauty, visit vibrant and colorful cities, explore ancient ruins and uncover the hidden treasures of Southern Mexico along the way. Explore the wonders of amazing Mexican destinations with Wayak vans.

Prepare to have your senses awakened and experience the magnificence of our Mexican destinations with our shuttle van from Puebla to Mexico City. Welcome to breathtaking getaways that invite you to explore them, mountains and valleys that take you into another place and time; join to the hundreds of satisfied travelers.

Shuttle vans as an answer to get you from one city to another.

Besides, there is a door-to-door hostel pick up/drop off service, if you wish. Feel free to create your own itinerary and stay as long as you want in each destination; Wayak Tours will give you the option to buy a pass that includes the chosen quantity of days of private ground transportation during the validity time.

Don't wait any longer to book your seats in our shuttle van from Puebla to Mexico City. Give yourself the opportunity of knowing how amazing Mexico is, the food is delicious due to its different dishes and tastes of national and international cuisine both. Come and see with your own eyes why Mexico City is so electrifying.


  • Mexico City - Querétaro

    $ 199 USD
  • Mexico City - San Miguel de Allende

    $ 289 USD
  • Mexico City - Guanajuato

    $ 299 USD
  • Mexico City - Oaxaca

    $ 479 USD
  • Mexico City - Valle de Bravo

    $ 199 USD
  • Mexico City - Toluca

    $ 80 USD
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