Campeche to Uxmal
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Campeche shuttle route and transportation services for tourists.

When traveling to Mexico, it is important to spend the time you want, where you want to. This is why Wayakbus has created a series of independent touristic routes conformed by the most beautiful cities of Mexico. The advantage of these routes is that on every city, the van makes a stop at, you can hop off and spend the time you want there.

Visit the Governor's Palace, which is an excellent example of stone mosaic work probably created by hundreds of masons and sculptors. Other buildings at Uxmal include the House of Turtles, decorated with charming turtle sculptures; the Dovecote, a building with man separate chambers; the House of Old Women and more. In Campeche.

Shuttle van services for those adventurers who love to take their time

Without a doubt, Campeche has one of the most well preserved historic centers in the nation. During your stay, we recommend that you visit the Museo de la Cultura Maya, housed in the San Miguel Fort, and the Museo de las Estelas Mayas, which exhibits regional art in the San Pedro Bulwark. Mexico has a series of wonders and magical towns.

Campeche is also well known in ecotourism and eco tours. This region has 6 protected natural areas where you can experience all kinds of tours and sports, like jogging, cycling, horse riding, bird watching, photo hunting and camping. These activities will help you make the most out of your journey, take the shuttle van from Uxmal to Campeche.

Campeche is a well kept secret to mostly all visitors. Visit it now.

Safety is another benefit in our shuttle van from Uxmal to Campeche. All our drivers are experienced and our vans are heavily maintained to avoid failures on the road and get you to your destinations as quickly as possible. Our staff on board will provide you with personalized and up to the minute information to help you make the most of it.

We have designed for you the most interesting tours. There are many things to do, see and shop in Campeche. This city has always been a great destination for its beautiful landscapes, colonial buildings, archaeological sites in its surroundings and its inhabitants' warmth.


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