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Dolphin Extreme Swim Tour

A magical moment that will blow your mind!


Located in Nuevo Vallarta marina, this adventure is one of the most interactive programs on this bay. Swim with the Dolphins Tour in Puerto Vallarta provides a fun and educational experience for all the family, do not forget that you can get across with sea lions too. Dive into our waters and enjoy with this creatures the foot push.

In the Dolphin Extreme Program you can find the right plan for you and your family, start with the newest experience where you can swim underwater living a whole new world, discover all the skills that dolphins have and be part of their life.

Meet new friends and make a life connection

The best part of the Swim with the Dolphins Tour in Puerto Vallarta is to make a real connection with these smart and friendly creatures, since the first time you get close to them till the end of your ride they are going to make you part of their family sharing all the beautiful activities dolphins do during the day, dorsal ride, belly ride.

Puerto Vallarta is a destiny for people of all ages, including the little ones. This dolphin experience gives them the opportunity to learn and live face to face a new adventure, specially designed for adults and children from 8 years old. The program integrates two key elements: education and fun, making them appreciate the sea life.

An experience they will never forget!

It has been proved that dolphins can create a strong bond with children, that is why these creatures have been part of therapy to help children to overcome their fears and being more intelligent and sensitive, as well as be able to begin new bonds with their environment.

Dolphins are not only one of the smartest creatures on earth, they can give you one of the best experiences in your life and your beloved ones. The Swim with the Dolphins Tour in Puerto Vallarta includes a towel and a wet suit lent for the experiences, as well as an after-swim snack.


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    $ 120 USD

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    $ 130 USD

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    $ 130 USD

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