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Early Morning Teotihuacan with a Private Archaeologist

Visit the most magestic ruins in the country with Wayak tours.


Wayak is a Mexican tourism agency that offers safe and comfortable services to make your stay in our country as comfortable as possible. We have chauffeured vans, shuttle services and of course, the most comprehensive Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico. We have so much to show you, contact us today to know more.

The Ruins of Teotihuacan which name means the place where the Gods were made or City of the Gods) is one of the most representative Mexican destinations of what was the ancient Aztec culture. Among the main ruins of the Aztec culture that can still be visited today, you'll see them all with our Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico.

Teotihuacan's ruins are one of the best kept in the country.

The Ruins of Teotihuacan are located about 31 miles from Mexico City and are reference of what was in ancient times one of the main cities of Mesoamerica. The Ruins of Teotihuacan, along with the Aztec and Mayan culture ruins, hold since 1987 the recognition of being a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Book now our Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico.

Within the circuit that can be walked within the ruins of Teotihuacan, you can visit The Avenue of the Dead; also called Miccaohtli, the Avenue of the Dead has an area of over two miles, and extends from the north to the south of Teotihuacan, so it is considered as a hub within the ruins. We have the best Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico.

Comprehensive tours to the main archaeological sites in Mexico.

We offer you simply the best way to discover the wonders of the Aztec culture in Distrito Federal. With our bilingual guides and well thought routes, you'll have the chance to visit as many sites as you wish in the most affordable and comfortable way possible. Our Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico is just one of our amazing options, contact us.

Enjoy other of our excursions, like the one to the castle of Chapultepec and the Anthropology Museum in Distrito Federal; or our walking tour through the Historic Center. The Xochimilco tour will take you to the most picturesque and traditional places in the country, not to be missed. Our Teotihuacan ruins tour in Mexico can be just the beginning.


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