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The best excursions and tours in Holbox


A small island located north to Quintana Roo with only a thousand people living there, and all the flavor of the Caribbean sea is waiting for you in our exclusives private tours in Holbox, the best kept secret in the south of México. Calm and relax with us.

That´s right. Holbox is a small island that until recently became a tourist spot, beside the well-known places in Quintana Roo. Why is that? Well, with our private tours you´ll find out that people choose this place to practice fishing, because is a known site to have the best lobster in town: fresh from the ocean and straight to your table.

Discover a new place with our private tours.

Holbox is a protected area. It´s call Yum Balam flora and fauna protected area, which means is a place that is taking care all the time to preserve its beauty and safety of its visitors. With our private tours you´ll find peace and enjoyable activities all the time, whether is a walk or an adventured activity, we have you cover.

From 30 minutes to mainland you can visit Yalahau, a cristal-clear spring that uncovers a secret: the young fountain. Its water are known for its curatives propieties, so you get the chance to prove what the fuzz is all about, and who knows, maybe a younger version of you raise from its waters. Book our private tours.

Small town, small island, big adventures with our private tours.

Another tourist site is Isla Pájaros or Bird Island, It´s a small islet cover in mangrove swamp and cactus near Yalahau. There is a vast varety of birds -hence its name-. Because these are endangered animals, there are two viewpoints to admired and observe the birds without put them in danger. Enjoy today this views with our private tours.

Flamingos, cormorants, herons, frigates, pelicans, wild ducks and seagulls are part of the fauna you find in our private tours, beside other native species. If you´re looking for a special spot, Isla Pasión or Passion Island is the place to be: quiet atmosfere and tropical sourrounds are about 10 minutes from Holbox.


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    $ 46 USD

    Tour Coba + Playa Paraíso + Tulum
    Archaeological sites

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    Xel-Ha Entrance
    Wonderful beaches

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    Tour Tulum Express
    Archaeological sites

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