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Book now for an early admission to the 2,500-year-old city of Teotihuacan and be amazed with this fascinating pre-columbian Aztec settlement. You will certainly have the chance to climb the 243 steps of the pyramid of the sun and visit the palace of quetzalpapalotl, the temple of the feathered serpent and many other interesting areas. We offer you tours to Teotihuacan with expert guides and comfortable vehicle transportation services.

Travel alone or form a group of up to 20 people. We will pick you up at your hotel and you will receive confirmation of your exact tour departure time prior to this activity. You can personalize your English spoken Teotihuacan tour including a quick visit to ancient craft stores, dinner at world-class restaurants or staying at the archaeological site as long as you want.

Enjoy the tours to Teotihuacan, or, if you prefer, to enjoy one of the many tours at special prices. If you like Mexico History, we recommend you to pay a visit to the National Anthropology Museum. Here you will be received by the ancient gods. Its main entrance is guarded by the stone god of water, Tlaloc and from there many more things.


We offer interesting tours for international travellers to the most amazing sites in Mexico City. Starting early in the morning is the way to go to Teotihuacan, to avoid crowds and take advantage of cool temperatures. Our English spoken Teotihuacan tours make the tour very interesting and fun, you will not regret taking the tour.

You must be prepared for a workout, so this tour is probably not for people with respiratory problems, as some of the walking paths have uneven surfaces. Our guides are knowledgeable enough to introduce relevant and accurate historical information as you tour the grounds.

Our transportation services are clean, comfortable and right on time. Once at the site, the guide will give you the true history of Teotihuacan. There is plenty of time allowed to explore the pyramids. Teotihuacan is no ordinary place; it is ancient, shrouded in mystery and one of the most important archaeological sites of the world. You will get to learn this on our tours to Teotihuacan,


Teotihuacan lies in a mountain-ringed valley, just 50 km from Mexico City, and it’s the perfect place for a day trip. It is a site with a 2,000 year-old history. Despite the pyramids and the museum, there’s a lot to see and you can easily spend a whole day there. Nevertheless, if you’re short on time or just want to see the main sights, your guide will shorten your stay and will offer you the most interesting highlights. Take your tours to Teotihuacan today and customize your next vacation.

Teotihuacan was built around 100 BC and collapsed a thousand years later in 550 AD, probably due to invasion, but no one really knows. It was not just a religious temple; it was a city that reached a peak population of up to 200,000 people. Its historical importance is undeniable and there are many areas still to be discovered.

There is much mystery about the destiny of the inhabitants of Teotihuacan, there is a popular belief about this site. It is believed that it was right there where the gods gathered to give birth to what is known as the Fifth Sun. The Fifth Sun is what the Nahua people know as the origin, that is to say, it is believed that the day and the light originated there, all in common agreement of the gods. 

In the same way, there is a belief that relates that the construction of this mythical city was by a people of giants called quinametzin. However, this may be a myth, like many others that exist, because the ethnic group with the greatest presence in this city were the Otomi, from the Valley of Mexico.

Teotihuacan has been considered one of the most important cities in Mesoamerica, hence there is so much history in it, and many myths that have not yet been proven. Get to know some of them and enjoy our tours in Teotihuacan. Book with us today.

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