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If you're looking for an experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty, look no further than our Uxmal tours with professional guides. This region is home to some of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the world, including the breathtaking Loltun Caves, the majestic the awe-inspiring Templo del Adivino (The House of the Magician or Soothsayer). 

In Wayak we have two options of tours in Uxmal for you. Both of them include ticket to the sites, travel or show, transportation and bilingual guides. Only one of them includes meals. 

Why Uxmal?

"Puuc" means "hills" in Mayan.

This ancient Mayan city is located in the Puuc region of the western Yucatán Peninsula. 38.5 miles away from the south of Mérida. It is one of the Mayan sites in better state of preservation, which makes it one of the most touristic since they provide a better impression of how it looked in ancient times.

No tours in Uxmal is complete without a visit to its Great Pyramid. This imposing structure is over 115 feet tall and is one of the largest structures in the Maya world. Visitors can climb to the top of the pyramid for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, or explore the many chambers and passageways within the structure itself. The pyramid, also called Temple of the Macaws is an impressive example of Maya engineering and is a testament to the power and influence of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Our Uxmal Tours include also visit to the following places:

Loltun Caves

One of the highlights of all tours in Uxmal is a visit to the Loltun Caves. These natural wonders are located at the south of Merida and are thought to be some of the oldest and most extensive cave systems in the world. Visitors can explore along more than 800 yards of extension to watch the many archaeological pieces of Mayan culture in its different stages of development that have been found. There is also remains of extinct fauna. The winding passageways and underground chambers, marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites, and learn about the history and geology of the region. 

House of the Magician or Soothsayer

After exploring the caves, head north to the city of Uxmal. The site is known for its intricate stonework, intricate sculptures, and impressive architecture, its most famous structure at Uxmal is the Pyramid of the Magician, also known as the Templo del Adivino. This oval-shaped building is unique in its kind and is the tallest structure on the site, its impressive structure stands over 260 feet tall and is adorned with intricate carvings and decorations. According to legend, the governor of Uxmal issued a series of challenges to a dwarf, who then magically constructed the pyramid overnight.

Nunnery Quadrangle or Quadrangle of the nuns

Another must-see site in all tours in Uxmal is the Quadrangle of the Nuns. This complex of four buildings is believed to have been a religious center and is famous for its ornate facades and intricate carvings. In fact, its referrence to nuns was assigned in the 16th century because it resembled a convent, being the finest of Uxmal's quadrangles.

Governor's Palace

Visitors can also explore the Palace of the Governor, a massive structure that once housed the rulers of Uxmal. This long low building has the longest façades in Mesoamerica. Its front is adorned with about 400 Venus symbols located in the masks of the rain god Chac. Additionally, there are 8 two-headed serpents above the main entrance.

Uxmal Light & Sound

One of our tours in Uxmal offers you the chance to enjoy dinner at a restaurant and then go back to the archaeological site to witness the spectacle of light and sound Echoes of Uxmal. This show offers you a complete different way of discovering this archaelogical site, with one hour tour with stops at Uxmal's most important buildings with video mapping. The tour includes meals and entrance to the show.

In this tour, instead of visiting Loltun caves we will visit House of the Turtles, a building about 100 feet long by 30 feet wide and is made up of seven enclosures. Along its cornice there are sculptures of turtles, which acquire importance due to their association with rain and the earth.

Find out why our tours in Uxmal are so popular!

Our Uxmal tours with professional guides were designed especially for foreign visitors that want to know all about achaeological site's history, with comprehensive information and facts about how common life should have been at this ancient city. Book with us and enjoy the best of Uxmal!

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