Ciudad de México to San Miguel de Allende
$ 289 USD

Chauffeured bus and van rentals in Mexico for touring around.

When looking for transportation services for groups in Mexico, you should always come to Wayak first. We offer you transportation for groups from 13 to 51 members, departing from Mexico City or Merida, two of the most visited cities in Mexico. Rent a van, a bus, or a minibus, according to your space needs, and design your own itinerary.

Our transportation services for groups in Mexico can take you to the most beautiful destinations, departing from Mexico City or Merida. You could get to know places like Palenque, a former Mayan city that is still 90% covered by the jungle. This is a protected zone declared World Heritage by the Unesco. It holds several ancient structures.

Bus and van transportation for comprehensive tours all around Mexico.

In Palenque you will find the Temple Of Inscriptions, located on top of a pyramid; this temple contains hieroglyphs that tell the story of the dynasty that ruled the city back then. There is also the Temple of the Lion, it gets its name from a carving, that's not visible anymore, of a king sitting on a throne shaped like a two-headed jaguar.

From Merida we can take you directly to places like Campeche, a beautiful and peaceful city in the south of Mexico. Don't wait any longer to come and enjoy the best dishes prepared according to tradition, like stuffed cheese and cochinita pibil. Try our transportation services for groups in Mexico and come to a destination that you like to visit.

Small or large group transportation for visiting al the sites.

Travel to Campeche in our transportation services for groups in Mexico. If you like adventure, Campeche is a great place to practice fishing, kayaking, diving and much more. Go through a mangrove swamp in a kayak and experience being close to the animals of the region. You'll have to row through natural tunnels formed by the trees to get there.

You can practice scuba diving or walking through natural trails, as well as enjoying the best attractions inside the city. Wayak provides you with the safest way to travel Mexico with our vans, buses and minibuses. Our vehicles can take up to 51 passengers, so do not worry about logistics while travelling.


  • Mexico City - Puebla

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