Make a fantastic journey into magical destinations in Mexico.

We specialize on planning trips to tourist destinations in Mexico in a safe, fun environment, where as an individual traveller, family voyage or group of adventurers, we have everything everone may need while travelling to the most exciting towns and cities in Mexico.

Get ready to feel the adrenaline when you get on the largest and fastest roller coasters in the country. One of them, Boomerang, was the first in the world with an outdoor round trip, Batman the Ride is the only inverted roller coaster in Mexico. There are many other rides that you'll love, come take our trips to tourist destinations in Mexico.

Trips and guided tours to the best destinations in the country.

We think of everithing on our trips to tourist destinations in Mexico. From transportation to English spoken guides and accomodations to be able to offer a premium service where visitors only have to worry about spending a great time while travelling in Mexico.

Music and parties are also a big part of our trips to tourist destinations in Mexico. Our guides know the best spots to be in order to listen some local music and they can give you tips and information of how you can hire some musicians to sing romantic tunes or songs dedicated for the heart-brokens.

The most beautiful tourist destinations ara waiting for you.

For many years it has been the venue of choice for those looking for a mariachi to sing or accompany a serenade, playing and singing at a quinceañera party, or in some birthdays, and other celebrations. Eating some tacos, drinking some tequila and enjoying the night's ambiance is a tradition of this place. Wayak's Trips to tourist destinations.

Our trips to tourist destinations in Mexico include rides to the main plazas and museums, where the history local life on the place can be whitnesed and appreciated. The main squares are probably the main area where commerce develops and handicrafts can be bought, within other goods.

Palenque & Waterfalls
$ 39.00 USD
Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation
$ 149.00 USD


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    $ 74 USD

    Private Teotihuacan Tour for Families
    Archaeological sites

  • img-top
    $ 64 USD

    Early Morning Teotihuacan with a Private Archaeologist
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 250 USD $ 229 USD

    Hot Air Balloon Ride and Teotihuacan Tour with Transportation and breakfast

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