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Wayak has amazing tours and transportation services to make your stay in Mexico as great as possible. Come unearth the mysteries of the Mayan civilization and experience first-hand a true jungle excursion with us. We have simply the best Uxmal tour for small groups or families in the country; contact us today to know more.

The people of Merida come to the port city of Progreso to stroll along the boardwalk and take a dip in the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful walk along the boardwalk is always full of vendors selling food and crafts, local residents and people who go to the beach. Book now our Uxmal tour for small groups or families.

Tours and ground transportation for small groups and families.

Progreso is also a popular destination for cruise ships and the city is famous for its pier that extends over 6 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise passengers arriving in Progreso are often bused along the pier before starting excursions in town, many of which are directed inwards to visit the city of Merida, come see it all with our Uxmal tour.

Rest in one of the many palapas extending along the beach to enjoy the distinctive regional cuisine of Yucatan. The seafood dishes are popular and include bisque, tikin-xic fish (seasoned with achiote and baked in banana leaves) and chivitas (river snail ceviche). Book your Uxmal tour for small groups or families with us and see all this.

Uxmal and nearby major archaeological sites for touring around.

On the way to Progreso, you can take a break in Dzibilchaltún, an ancient Mayan ceremonial and administrative center just north of Merida which name means place of writing in stone "because of the numerous stelae discovered at the site. Our bilingual guides will tell you so much more about the many sites that you can visit in our Uxmal tour."

During our Uxmal tour for small groups or families you'll get to admire the detailed artwork in the structures of this particular building style, Puuc Mayan. You will visit the Governor's Palace, the Nun's Quadrangle, the Ball Court, in Uxmal; as well as the famous Kabah's Arc and the Chaac's sculptures.

Caves of Loltun & Uxmal
$ 149.00 USD


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    $ 89 USD

    Mayapan & Cenote Pixyah
    Archaeological sites

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    $ 109 USD

    From Cancún Chichen Itza Tour (Deluxe Xichen)
    Wonderful beaches

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    $ 149 USD

    Caves of Loltun & Uxmal
    Archaeological sites

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