Ciudad de México to Guanajuato
$ 299 USD

Buses, chauffeured vans and shuttle routes in Mexico.

Explore all our destinations with our van and minibus services in Mexico. We work only with the safest and most comfortable vehicles for 13, 19 or 51 passengers. When you hire our services in Wayak, you can choose to depart from Mexico City or from Merida. It doesn't matter if your trip is for business, social events or vacations, we can drive you.

Valladolid is a city in Yucatan, just like Merida, and you can also visit it with our van and minibus services in Mexico. Valladolid is a city of great importance for religious or cultural tourism because it holds many churches and temples. It's a city full of cultural expressions, majestic buildings and colorful houses. You will find many things.

Van rentals to visit all the major towns and cities in Mexico.

Travel to an amazing archeological site like Tulum. You will get there in no time from Merida, with Wayak`s van and minibus services in Mexico. Tulum is a Mayan city inside the National Park also called Tulum. Inside Tulum you will find animals such as ducks, swallows, spider monkeys, howling monkeys, ant bears, armadillos and squirrels.

How about taking a flight to Merida and from there, taking the best van and minibus services in Mexico to get to one of Mexico's best destinations? Well, if you're thinking about Playa del Carmen, we can take you there too! Enjoy one of the most beautiful cities, surrounded by beaches, places for ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Minibuses for small groups to travel all along Mexico's best sites.

All you need to do is get to Merida, and from there decide what places you want to visit and for how long. With our van and minibus services in Mexico we are sure that you will enjoy your stay, in Cancun for example. Rent a van to go from Merida to Cancun and enjoy the beautiful beaches covered in white sand with turquoise water all around.

You can find the best restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotel. You choose how you want to spend your days in Cancun; we will manage to take you there comfortably and safely. We offer you the safest and most comfortable way to travel to Mexico; we only hire professional staff to make your trip a wonderful experience.


  • Mexico City - San Miguel de Allende

    $ 289 USD
  • Mexico City - Valle de Bravo

    $ 199 USD
  • Mexico City - Puebla

    $ 219 USD
  • Mexico City - Toluca

    $ 80 USD
  • Mexico City - Querétaro

    $ 199 USD
  • Mexico City - Oaxaca

    $ 479 USD
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