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An interesting historical journey is waiting for you to discover it.


It is said that you can understand a culture much better when you know its past. Wayakbus achieves this goal by giving you the best tours to the best museums and archaeological sites in Mexico. Discover the magnificent Prehispanic Cultures by walking through halls full of history. The National Museum of Anthropology offers a unique experience.

For example, you can see a replica of Lord Pacal's Mayan tomb from Palenque, the Aztec calendar stone, the giant Olmeca stone heads from the regions of Tabasco and Veracruz, treasures recovered from the sacred Mayan well in Chichen Itza, and a very good model of the layout and location of Tenochtitlan. The museum also has temporary exhibits.

The best and more interesting museum guided bilingual tours.

Travel to the ancient times of Aztecs and Mayan people. Visit the best museums and ancient places in Mexico with Wayak Tours. Another recommendation is to visit the Frida Khalo Museum. This place was actually the home of artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In several rooms, you'll see their personal objects, altarpieces and popular art.

You will also see works of such artists as Jose Clemente Orozco, Jose Maria Velasco and Paul Klee, among others. On the other hand, the Teotihuacan Tour is an excellent choice to combine nature and ancient ruins, all in the same place. Teotihuacan is the twin City of antique México Tenochtitlan, also called Plaza de las tres culturas.

Our team will tell you which ancient places are worthy of visiting.

You want to know the ancient cultures, but also you want swim in the most beautiful Mexican beaches? Wayak grants this wish and much more. We have vacation packages to the Riviera Maya where you have the best summer vacations in top eco archaeological park. Here you can find the remains of Mayan culture, while you enjoy snorkeling.

Just, checkout or special discounts and visit the best museums and ancient places in Mexico with Wayak Tours. A good tour takes at least four to five hours, but there is a very nice restaurant with excellent food and service at the museum. This and many other travelling tips are available for you to decide where and when you like to visit.


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    Garibaldi Night Tour

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    Hot Air Balloon Ride without Transportation
    Archaeological sites

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    Spectacular Wrestling Tour

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