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Edzna in the morning
Campeche City Tour

Where can I book tours in Campeche?

Here in Wayak. We are the safest, most affordable way to book private tours in Campeche. We have thes best spots to visit while you enjoy each and every one of them with the help of our bilingual guides. Meet and greet people from one of the nicest places in Mexico and have fun with activities all day long that we prepare for you.

Campeche is filled with diferent archaelogical sites from the mayan civilization. One of them is Edzna, located near the city of Campeche in a area known as los Chenes. Once one of the most important ceremonial centers, with the Pyramid of the Five Floors as the main building. It was discover around 1920. Know more with ours excursions in Campeche.

Enjoy life and history with one of our private tours in Campeche

This ceremonial center is believed to concentrate agriculture activities were the goods were send to Tikal as a way to exchange favors to the Gods. An interest discovery was made in the 1990s, where the setting sun illuminates a stucco mask hanging one of the rooms from the Pyramid of the 5 Floors. Find out more with our private tours in Campeche.

In Campeche you can also visit Calakmul, the largest archaelogical site. This place was occupied in 1000 BCE, but in 695 BCE was conquered by the people of Tikal. Calakmul is close to the guatemalan boder. The area is almost 70 k, therefore, one of the largest settlements in Mesoamerica. Visit it today with one our private tours in Campeche.

Book now one of our private tours in Campeche and enjoy the best time.

Campeche is great also for its unkown beauty. You see, this city has a colonial vibe all over it, and its streets are quiet and easy to navegate, but most people prefer other parte of the Yucatan Peninsula, so you get Campeche for yourself all year around with one of our private tours in Campeche.

If you book one of our tours in Campeche you may find yourself in the middle of a festival, like the Carnival in the city of Campeche. Live orchestras and formal dances in a street parade with themes like Baile del Pavo -Dance of the Turky-, Son de la Cucaracha -Play of the Cockroach- and other tropical rhythms. Book you trip today.


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    Campeche City Tour
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