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Are you ready for a journey that will take you back in time? Our Campeche tours in English with transportation included are the perfect way to explore the rich history and culture of this stunning region where inhabitants are very fond to their traditions. From ancient ruins to colonial architecture, our tours include the best of this state. Join us as we take you on an adventure that you'll never forget.

Campeche has many museums, ancient Mayan cities, exciting eco-turism activities, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and crafts full of tradition. Our tours in Campeche will take you to them!

Explore the Fortifications of Campeche with Our Expert Guides

Campeche is a big state full of diverse landscapes and touristic sites. It is known for its impressive fortifications that were built to protect the city from pirate attacks in the 17th century. In Wayak we have our Campeche City Tour that will get you to explore the most famous fortifications:

Baluarte de San Carlos

This military fortress was also built to protect the city from pirate attacks but it is from the 18th century. It stands proudly on the edge of the sea, surrounded by an impressive wall that encircles the old town. From atop the walls, one can see the impressive fortification system that protected the city from enemy ships. You can even find here a spot for birdwatching.

Baluarte de la Soledad

This fortresses is an outstanding example of military architecture. Visitors can marvel at the Baluarte's majestic stone walls, walk along the ramparts and admire the beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. One of the most impressive features of the Baluarte is its tunnel system, which allowed soldiers to move around unnoticed and reach strategic points around the city. 

Baluarte de San Miguel

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Fort of San Miguel is its unique architecture, which combines both European and Mayan elements. The fort's walls are made of limestone blocks, and its museums hosts a famous jade mask. The Fort is not only a historical monument but also a cultural attraction that hosts many events throughout the year. You can attend concerts, art exhibitions, and other cultural events inside the its walls.

Fortin de San Jose El Alto

Visitors to the Fortín de San José el Alto can take in breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. The fort itself is beautifully preserved, with its walls, towers, and gun emplacements all intact and ready to explore. Visitors can learn about the fort's construction, its strategic importance, and the brave soldiers who defended it.

All of these three bastions are nowadays museums and are located in the capital of this state. But we have other tours in Campeche that also can take you to other touristic destinations.

Discover the Ancient Ruins of Campeche

No tours in Campeche are complete without visiting the ancient ruins that are scattered throughout the region. Our Campeche tours take you to some of the most fascinating sites, including Hecelchakán, The Camino Real Museum, Calakmul, and Edzna. These sites offer a glimpse into the rich history of the Mayan civilization and the influences of the Spanish conquest.


Our Edzna in the morning tour will take you to where once was a thriving city during the Late Preclassic period, from 300 BCE to 250 CE. Today, visitors can explore the impressive architecture and engineering feats of the ancient Mayan civilization, including the Great Acropolis, the Temple of the Masks, and the Ball Court.


Located in the heart of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, Calakmul boasts a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. The site is home to over 6,750 ancient structures and is considered one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in the world. You can know this impressive place in our Incredible Calakmul tour that includes a seafood lunch in Champoton (food is not included in the price).

Experience the Culture and Cuisine of Campeche

Our Artisanal Route is a the best way to enjoy a handicraft experience of Campeche. In Hecelchakán you will enjoy the best Cochinita Pibil of the region while you admire the beautiful church and visit the museum of the Royal Road. In Dzitbalché you will fall in love with the handmade embroideries of the region, in Calkini you can admire the Church of San Luis Obispo of the sixteenth century, which is famous for its gold and baroque altar. The next stop will be Becal, famous for being the place where jipi japa or Panama hats are made in caves. Finally, we will visit Pomuch, where you can taste their Artisanal bread of the unique flavor.

In conclusion, our tours in Campeche are the perfect way to experience the magic of this historic region. With our knowledgeable bilingual guides and comfortable transportation, you'll have everything you need to explore the fortifications, ancient ruins, culture, and cuisine of Campeche. Book your tour today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Edzna in the morning
$ 69.00 USD
Campeche City Tour
$ 69.00 USD


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