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An exciting encounter with this popular local sport in Mexico City.

Mexican wrestling of Lucha Libre is one of the most famous attractions in Mexico; a show that includes gymnastics, theater and lots of action. Wayak is a tourism agency that brings to you the best wrestling tour in Mexico City, so that you can discover the wonderful world of Mexican wrestling. We invite you to read some more on this sport.

Mexican wrestling is more than just a spectator sport. Lucha Libre is one of the most successful and simultaneously traditional and contemporary cultural industries in Mexico, and its protagonists, are internationally recognized as athletes of excellence, honor and quality. The fans are also a show onto themselves, and you can see it all with Wayak.

Comprehensive tours to the most exciting places in Mexico City.

Lucha Libre established itself in the early thirties of the twentieth century, but with remote and vast historical background, mixing Greco-Roman wrestling and Mexican sense of show. With our wrestling tour in Mexico City, you can hear much more about the rich cultural history of Lucha Libre, and see the contemporary stars who keep this sport alive.

Wrestling is also an activity that constantly challenges the boundaries between reality and fantasy; it is both a tough job full of crudeness and a fine art of execution, colorfulness, pathos, slangs and fetishes. No other spectator sport offers the emotivism that Lucha Libre does, our wrestling tour in Mexico City is one of the most popular.

Tours to different sites in the city and other tourist spots.

Mexico City is the historical, cultural and political capital of the country, was founded in 1325 by the Mexica people and has since been a point of convergence for different cultures. It is known as one of the most dynamic and largest cities in the planet, and Wayak's wrestling tour in Mexico City will take you here. Book your tour with us today.

It is one of the most diverse cultural conglomerates, legendary and modern, hence its seductive capacity to fascinate visitors through the historical layers that line the city with buildings from pre-Columbian, colonial and contemporary periods. Apart from our wrestling tour in Mexico City, we have many other tours in Mexico City, contact us now.


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