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We plan the best Xcaret tour for small groups or families. Our team has the safest, most comfortable and fun tours and transportation services to the many attractions in Mexico. Come discover the beautiful reserves to be found in Mexico with us and our amazing services. There is no other way to travel through Mexico!

The privileged location of Xcaret is a natural refuge for many species in the region. The park has developed spaces to allow visitors to appreciate each species without alienating them from their natural habitat, and you can experience all of this with our Xcaret tour for small groups or families, book yours today or contact us to know more!

Personalized tours for small groups for more attention and safety.

The coral reef aquarium exhibits biodiversity like multicolored gardens of the submarine Mexican Caribbean. In the aquarium they have successfully established over 300 corals on artificial reef structures, thanks to the constant pumping of unfiltered seawater that allows free entry of plankton. You'll learn so much more with our Xcaret tour.

Moreover, Xcaret, in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Fisheries Institute and the National Institute of Ecology protect two species that nest on the beaches of Quintana Roo: the turtle (Chelonia mydas) and loggerhead (Caretta caretta). Come see them in their natural habitat with our Xcaret tour.

Xcaret is one of the most beautiful natural parks of the country.

During the nesting season, in the summer months, Xcaret establishes turtle camps and patrols 100 miles of coastline, guarding the nests and protecting them from predators. After 60 days, the hatchlings break their shell and unforgettable experience that you can have on our Xcaret tour for small groups or families; book yours today and don't miss it.

Some are sent to the park to be integrated in the Conservation Program. There, the young are marked by an autograft technique to identify them when they return to nest, 25 years later, so we can learn their migration routes. A truly heartwarming experience that you can live with us in our Xcaret tour for small groups or families. Contact us now.

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    Xplor Tour + Transport
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