Live an adventure with our Xplor tours in Riviera Maya

The Xplor tours in Riviera Maya for small groups or families are designed to ensure the best quality time for visitors of all ages. In there, travellers can enjoy the sun, extreme sports, swim at the most amazing natural streams and learn more about the Riviera Maya astonishing sites.

Xplor is a theme park that is part of Xcaret. In this park and with our Riviera Maya elite tours, you will have the opportunity to practice some extreme sports and have the most fun in your whole trip, you can visit the park for a full day. Enjoy the adventure of 14 zip lines divided in two circuits, an approach with nature and know the subway of the Mayan culture and its settlements. Don't miss this incredible opportunity and get your adrenaline pumping in the best theme park in the Riviera Maya, choose our Xplor tours in Riviera Maya.


Slide down 14 extremely high zip lines, fly through the air and get ready to experience the sensation of speed, from the heights. Explore the natural beauty in Xplor Park, finish your tour swimming in the clear waters Cenotes; underwater bodies of water that were sacred to the Mayans and that you can see in our Xplor tours in Riviera Maya for families or small groups.

Cruise the 5 km each way on all-terrain amphibious vehicles driving through jungle paths and fascinating caves. During the trip the water level challenges, and you can marvel at the ancient rock formations. Paddle in rafts using your hands over two circuits of approximately 500 meters each, all, with our Xplor tours in Riviera Maya for small groups or families.

You will be surprised by the natural beauty of this unique underground paradise in this holiday destination. Great fun for young and old explorers! Xplor has the most modern equipment and materials as well as the best trained staff to ensure your safety at all times, a perfect complement to the amazing guides in our Riviera Maya elite tours.

Enjoy amazing adventures and accompany them with the perfect food, soft drinks and refill your energy with a nutritious buffet, that will get you ready for climbing. An unforgettable all-inclusive experience, where you will find stunning and ancient rock formations and can carry out activities with us and our Xplor tours in Riviera Maya for small groups.


Get ready to live the best vacation in Xcaret, a theme park where you can see incredible archaeological vestiges of the Mayan culture settlement in that region. Besides enjoying the attractions of the park and taste real Mexican food. Wayak can prepare this visit and make your vacation an unforgettable time. Get to know the Mayan culture through our Xcaret and Xplor tours in Riviera Maya.

Visit the beautiful Cancún. It is believed that in Mayan, the meaning of the word Cancun is: nest of snakes. In the city of Cancun you can find about 181 hotels as options of where to stay. It receives an average of 3 million tourists per year. You can visit a great variety of shopping malls and several activities to do. The beaches are beautiful and a spectacle to admire. Book with us the best Mayan and Xplor tours in Riviera Maya and get to know the best of Cancun. It is true that any season of the year is good to visit Cancun and its surroundings, but we definitely recommend the months of December to April to take the Xplor tours in Riviera Maya, since it is the season with less rainfall throughout the year.

Choose between our archaeology or Xplor tours in Riviera Maya and visit Tulum, one of the most visited sites. Its name in Mayan, means wall. In Tulum you will find ruins where it is said that sacrifices were made to the descending god. Among some of the most visited ruins in Tulum, are: El Castillo and the Temple of the God of the Wind. The construction of El Castillo shows some of the beliefs of the Mayan culture, since its construction elements make reference to the sun and Venus; it also has a cave that represents the underworld. All this and much more you can learn about in our tours. Book your destination today and spend the best vacations with Wayak, our professional travel agency.


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