San Pedro is full of the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea San Pedro

San Pedro is a city that is in the southern part of Ambergris Caye (also known as Gray Amber Cay). It is simplicity with a look of paradise.

People, accustomed to such beauty, offer a special reception to visitors, they are considered cheerful and very close. To tell the truth, talking to them puts any tourist on the path to the best parties and events in town.

Get ready to open your palate with seafood, fish and fine meats. The main ingredients are fish, shellfish, beef, pork, chicken, herbs such as coriander and a wide variety of spices. It is possible to find spicy dishes. Shrimp soup is everyone's favorite and highly recommended.

For those who like to enjoy a drink, the best indications are rum punch and local beer. Also experience the taste of chocolate, which is made with Belizean cocoa. It is delicious!

San Pedro is full of beaches with the best that the Caribbean Sea has to offer. A recommendation is Boca del Río, which is located 3 km northeast. The place has a coral hill and sandy channels. The sea is crystal clear and it is possible to see turtles. It is worth remembering that all the beaches in the country are public, therefore, they can be enjoyed by all visitors.

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