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Bilingual Palenque Tour (Agua Azul and Misol-Ha) with Tourist Guide

85 USD79 USD

(per traveler)

* 1 persons are required for this tour.

Total: $79 USD

*All taxes included in the price.



Prepare to be awed!

This tour will take you to the fascinating archaeological site of Palenque, set deep in the jungle, as well as to two breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, Agua Azul, famous for its translucent blue waters and Misol-Ha, which featured in the action movie Predator. Swim, explore and be awed during this fantastic day-trip!



Cascadas de Agua Azul, Tumbalá, México

Departures from: San Cristobal de las Casas ( for Tuxtla Gutierrez)


Days of departure: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday , Saturday, Sunday,
Starting time 06:00
Ending time 19:00
Duration 12 hours and a half


6:00 Pick-up from your hotel

8:00 En-route we will stop for breakfast in Ocosingo.

10:30 a.m. Arrive at Agua Azul where you will have 2 hours to explore or swim.

13:00 Arrive at Misol-Ha where you will have 40 minutes to eat and watch the waterfalls

2:30 p.m. Arrive to the archaeological site of Palenque. We will have about two hours to tour the site


We return to San Cristóbal late at night. ( Around 10 to 10:30 pm)


*** This itinerary may vary.

Always accompanied by an expert guide


The archaeological site is in a tropical region with fairly hot and humid weather; better bring water and clothing for sun


IMPORTANT: Departure from  San Cristóbal de las Casas

  • What’s included?

    • icon_bilingual_guide.pngBilingual Guide
    • icon_transportation.pngTransportation
    • icon_ticket_entradas.pngTicket
    • icon_microfono.pngTravel or show
  • What’s not included?

    • icon_meals_drinks.pngDrinks
    • icon_money.pngGratuities
    • icon_money.pngMoney for suvenirs
  • Good to know!

    • icon_comfortable_clothes.pngComfortable clothes
    • icon_jacket.pngJacket
    • icon_money2.pngMoney
    • icon_sunblock.pngSunblock
    • icon_sunglasses.pngSunglasses
    • icon_backpack.pngSmall backpack
    • icon_camera.pngCamera
    • icon_mosquito.pngRepellent



Explore this stunning archaeological site set deep in the jungle.

Agua Azul:

Enjoy a dip in the cool blue pools whilst marveling at the awesome power of these falls


Get up close and personal by walking behind the thunderous waterfall. Prepare to get wet!


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