Alajuela... a vibrant city rich in culture. Alajuela

Alajuela is the second largest city in Costa Rica, it is located in the beautiful Central Valley at 20 km. northwest of the capital city of San José. Its active volcanoes and breathtaking views make it one of Costa Rica's most unique tourist destinations.

Alajuela's largest cities are Ciudad Quesada (more commonly known as San Carlos), and the capital city Alajuela which are the economic centers for the agriculture that takes place in the surrounding area.  This city is close to the city and province of Heredia to its north east, San Jose to its east, and the International Airport and Santa Ana to its south. The city has a wide variety of accommodations, shopping, and dining options.

Alajuela is a vibrant city rich in culture with many options for typical and international cuisine. Soccer, like in most cities in Costa Rica, plays a huge role in the culture of Alajuela. With amazing views of the Central Valley from all of Alajuela's outskirts and a relatively stable climate like Santa Ana, make this a great city to live in.

This city is an important historical place in Costa Rica, because it was an important pillar in the independence of the Spanish. Known as Villahermosa and La Lajuela, Alajuela was the capital of Costa Rica for a brief period.

In its surroundings is an outstanding center of commerce of cattle and sugar industries. Alajuela is considered a fantastic summer resort due to its fabulous climate which remains warm throughout the year. With many lodging options and restaurants, the city is very well located within easy reach of the main attractions of the province, and has many groups of excursions and cultural services.

Every Saturday morning, locals and visitors gather to shop for fresh produce, craft items, and listen to local music. It is a great way for people to experience the true lifestyle in Costa Rica.

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