The most beautiful and energetic beach city in Costa Rica Jacó

Jacó is a beautiful, energetic beachtown that is located within two hours of Costa Rica’s capital city and it is known for its carefree party atmosphere and exceptional aquatic activities. If you want to spend time in an area bustling with animated nightlife and friendly locals, make sure you add Jacó to your travel itinerary.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by yourself, with kids or with a large group of adrenaline-seeking adventurers. Jacó truly has something for everyone and becomes a beloved travel destination for all who visit. There are many things to do in this pleasant town, including surfing, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, ATV tours, kayaking, boat rides, rafting and more.

If you’re looking for an adventurous activity that’s safe and exciting for the whole family, visit one of the many attractions located in this fun city. You can even book exotic nature boat rides or take a full or half-day sport fishing tour.

If you prefer to enjoy a calm Costa Rica vacation, book a catamaran tour through the gorgeous water along the coast. You can also spend an afternoon watching surfers from the beautiful sandy beach.

Jacó is a great central vacation destination that is close to many activities, including some of the most beautiful national parks in Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park is just a little more than an hour’s drive away, and it’s well worth the trip.

Jacó is a traveler-friendly area that is known for its party atmosphere and active nightlife. If you love the party scene, visit some of the most popular spots in town during the evening hours instead of going to bed early. 

Many tourists choose Jacó as a vacation destination because of its gorgeous, picturesque beaches. A few top choices include popular Playa Jacó, Playa Hermosa and Playa Herradura.

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